Kevin Costner Talks About Working with Sean Connery

Kevin Costner is not one to hold back when it comes to Hollywood icons. The famous actor recently revealed personal details about his experience along with the late, great Sean Connery in an amazing interview with Craig Ferguson.

Known for his parts in iconic films such as The Untouchables and Dances with Wolves, Costner wasn’t holding back while discussing his feelings for Connery.

Gene Hackman is one of the strongest actors I’ve ever worked with,” said Costner. “But I think Sean Connery is the biggest star I have ever worked with.” Whoa, what a bomb of truth!

Costner portrayed Connery as a real Hollywood powerhouse, saying he was larger than life both on and off the set. With nostalgic eyes, Costner said, “He was like the biggest star you’d ever met when he walked around the set.”

Costner was amazed by Connery’s astute economic acumen in addition to his star power. Costner said of Connery, “He’s such a fair man,” describing his careful use of money. He said, “Sean has always watched his money very, very carefully,” alluded to a side of Connery that not many people were aware of.

Connery’s Influence on Costner’s Career- Behind the Scenes Secrets

As if dropping bombshells about Connery’s legendary status, Costner spilled the beans about the priceless guidance he received directly from the guy. With a cheeky smile, Costner told how Connery had saved his life once while they were filming The Untouchables.

Costner was sweating nervous of Robert De Niro‘s intimidating presence. “I had trouble with some of the scenes with [De Niro],” said Costner, “and Sean talked to me a little bit about it.” Who knew that even the biggest names in Hollywood, like Costner, occasionally needed a pep talk?

Kevin Costner and Sean Connery
Kevin Costner and Sean Connery

With Connery, though, it wasn’t all work and no play. Telling stories of his golf journeys and late-night conversations at the bar, Costner enthralled Ferguson with a vision of companionship that went beyond the screen.

Sean Connery was more than simply an icon—as Ferguson so eloquently stated—he was a legend. Additionally, audiences were able to see the magic that results from the union of two Tinseltown heavyweights because to Costner’s open disclosures.

We were ultimately left wanting more by Costner’s insights into Connery’s world. The comments of those who knew Sean Connery best preserve his legacy, from his commanding presence to his wise counsel. And for Kevin Costner, collaborating with the legendary James Bond was an incredible opportunity of a lifetime.

Costner and Connery will always be a powerful combo because of their shared recollections of Hollywood’s golden period.

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