Kevin Bacon’s Six Degrees of Separation, From Disdain to Fame!

As the 1990s dawned, Bacon was on the rise, but he had no idea that three college students and a TV marathon of “Footloose” would alter the course of his career.

Bacon’s journey through the six degrees of separation is one of humor, humility, and Hollywood charm, from initial rejection to acceptance of his status as the center of the cinematic universe.

It is the Nineties. The decade may be one of the most illustrious in Hollywood history, with the release of all-time classics such as Forrest Gump, The Shawshank Redemption, Goodwill Hunting, and Schindler’s List, among many others. Kevin Bacon was emerging as one of the industry’s most promising stars.

When Kevin Bacon was just getting his start in Hollywood, three college students at Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania devised a plan that would immortalize them alongside the X-Men: First Class star. They created Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Speaking years later, and years after the game became a sensation, Kevin Bacon revealed that he thought the game was a cheap joke at his expense. But there was so much more. That becomes clear once you consider its history.

It is 1994, and three college students are forced to watch Footloose on television. That is when they noticed an advertisement for The Air Up. Kevin Bacon appears in both films, which is a common thread. The 65-year-old was present in all three of these situations. 

Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon

Craig Fass, Mike Ginelli, and Brian Turtle could not help but notice Kevin Bacon’s impressive resume. Not to mention that he must have worked with some of the industry’s biggest names. It is not difficult to believe that Bacon has connections with many big names in the industry.

According to the six degrees of separation theory, anyone in Hollywood can be linked to the Tremors star if they have six or fewer connections. And it did not take long for the game to become a global phenomenon. Even Bacon, who was initially disinterested in the concept, discovered it. 

“I thought the joke was, ‘Can you believe that such a lightweight could be connected to Laurence Olivier or Meryl Streep or whatever in six steps or less?”

Resentment is no longer an issue. He is now embracing the tag, even using it as the title of his own website, SixDegrees.org, which serves as the foundation for his charity campaign and brings people from all walks of life together.

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