Reigniting The Spark: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Enjoy a Night Out Dressed As Fancy Aliens

They decided to go all out in their alien-inspired outfits at a Hollywood costume party that they attended. As for Perry, she had some extremely amazing prosthetics thanks to Hugo Villasenor and Gabby Navarrete.

Close-up photos of Perry posted on Instagram show off her pointed, elf-like ears and the extraterrestrial antennae attached to her head. Using a concealer that matched her skin tone, the singer covered her eyebrows with makeup.

Next, the celebrity received a striking purple eye shadow application from makeup artist Patrick Ta that extended up the side of her forehead.

The tips of Perry’s ears, antennae, and eyelids were all adorned with a generous amount of shine.

Perry accessorized her prosthetics with an ultra-glam sequin gown with a sheer bodice and a high slit, showcasing her Gianvito Rossi heels. She wore a dramatic pleated cape that she held up while striking a solo pose, and the design featured draped panels of fabric that crisscrossed her torso.

Although Bloom’s brow bones and pointy ears gave a subtle space-age touch, he still wore a traditional tuxedo. Katy Perry has a supernatural new look.

While we do not know all the specifics, we do know that the E.T. singer and her husband, Orlando Bloom, dressed up for a themed party over the weekend. They chose to wear something akin to a couture alien outfit.

With Perry, 39, sporting antennae on her forehead and Bloom, 47, donning pointy ears, the two looked amazing in prosthetics. The two also completely covered their eyebrows in black to emphasize their alien appearance.

However, both wore extremely elegant outfits to maintain the glamorous vibe. Perry looked stunning in a shimmering metallic gown with a dramatic thigh-high slit showcasing her heels. Bloom matched her with a sharp button-down shirt and suit.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

They gave the prosthetics to special effects makeup artists Hugo Villasenor, Analyn Cruz, and Gabby Navarrete. To further enhance the glitz, Patrick Ta disclosed on Instagram that Mama Does Not Play when it comes to themed parties.

Rick Henry styled Perry’s immaculate hair, and Kim Truong did her nails. Perry also turned to her stylist, Tatiana Waterford, for the night.

Kim Kardashian even chimed in with her comment, saying, I was obsessed with this look last night! It seems that she was present at the themed party where this outfit made its debut!

It’s no secret that Perry loves a costume. She’s dressed up plenty of times while on American Idol and for Halloween, including as Tinker Bell in 2021, as Britney Spears in 2014, and as Cheeto that same year.

However, she may have had some of her most famous fancy dress moments on the Met Gala carpet, particularly the year she donned a burger costume.

The event in question was Jeff Bezos’s 60th birthday celebration, according to The Mirror. The space theme complemented the Blue Origin initiative of the founder of Amazon.

Perry is almost ready to drop new music, according to the outlet. In the wake of her Las Vegas residency, she’s ready to give her fans new tunes. The album is set to be her most personal yet.

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