Dakota Johnson Opens Up About Chris Martin’s Support Amid Depression

During the 2023 Hope for Depression Research Foundation lunch meeting, Dakota Johnson shared an intriguing look into her relationship with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

The entertainer recounted a strong moment when Martin’s sharp perception helped give her a much-needed boost during an episode of depression.

Johnson reviewed a recent low day when Martin saw her profound battles, despite her endeavor to make light of them. His sharp comment about her choice of dress, a Cats T-shirt, uncovered the significance of his understanding.

This little yet sharp moment, as Johnson portrayed it, lifted her out of the profound low and highlighted the steady uniqueness of their relationship.

Dakota Johnson, known for her part in Fifty Shades of Grey, has been open about her fight with depression since her adolescent years.

At the lunch meeting, she discussed using her foundation to expose issues about mood swings, hoping to give comfort and appeal to those defying relative hardships.

The actress was respected as the Depression Research Foundation’s affirmation for her support.

Johnson uncovered that her folks, Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, put her in therapy quite early on to navigate the intricacies of their family life, including their divorce.

The entertainer offered thanks for her openness to different remedial approaches all through her childhood, encouraging her interest in aiding herself as well as other people.

Growing up, Johnson naturally experienced different types of therapy, molding her interest in mental well-being and health. She recognized the natural development of her interest in helping other people as she acquired a more profound comprehension of her own encounters.

The entertainer fostered a propensity for investigating different therapeutic modalities, adding to her excursion toward support and self-discovery.

Despite her obligation to mental health support, Johnson conceded to battling with being the ideal backer. She frequently utilizes humble humor while talking about depression or anxiety, tracking down comfort and association in laughter.

The entertainer recognized the viability of humor as a deep-rooted device to defy torment and anxiety, perceiving its role in forestalling tears.

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin
Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin

Johnson’s affirmation of involving parody as a coping mechanism highlights the fragile balance she keeps up with in discussing mental wellness.

While she perceives the seriousness of the main things in need of attention, consolidating humor permits her to easily confront them. By sharing her battles in a humble way, she looks to associate with others confronting comparative difficulties.

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin’s Evolving Relationship

The actress’ association with Chris Martin has deepened since they started dating in 2017. Throughout the course of recent years, the couple has transparently communicated their love for one another.

Martin’s public acknowledgement of Johnson during a London show in 2021 epitomizes the strength of their bond.

The Coldplay frontman highlighted Johnson in the gallery prior to playing out “My Universe,” accentuating their extraordinary connection.

Prior to dating Martin, Johnson had long-term relationships with Jordan Masterson and Matthew Hitt. Martin, who shares two children with Gwyneth Paltrow, keeps a close friendship with his ex.

The amicably co-parenting relationship is clear in broad daylight showcases of support, with Paltrow sharing endearing photographs of her and Johnson holding hands.

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