Cillian Murphy’s Strange Bond with His “Peaky Blinders” Co-Stars – Behind the Scenes

Thomas Shelby’s shoes on “Peaky Blinders” weren’t only filled by Cillian Murphy; they were almost his. His portrayal of the crafty and ambitious gang leader won Murphy a lot of praise and made him a household figure.

However, the chemistry amongst the cast behind the scenes resembled physical precision more than a Shelby family reunion.

A Tale of Off-Screen Absence

The on-screen chemistry of the “Peaky Blinders” actors charmed audiences, but Cillian Murphy disclosed a surprising truth: they didn’t exactly have pizza parties after filming. Murphy revealed their interactions—or lack thereof—off-screen in an interview with Variety.

Murphy’s commitment to refining his art and the intensity of the shoot appears to have left little time for post-wrap socializing.

A worldwide pandemic is the one thing that can ruin after-hours friendships. When Murphy mentioned COVID as an additional barrier keeping him from developing a close relationship with his co-stars, he didn’t hold back.

With health and safety measures in place, off-set bonding chances for the group were as rare as a bottle of whiskey during Prohibition.

The Socialite in Silence

Cillian Murphy isn’t exactly a party animal when it comes to socializing. Murphy said in an interview with The Guardian that he doesn’t usually splash his life around town.

Cillian Murphy

Murphy is famous for his hard labor and devotion to his art; post-shoot hijinks rarely happen because of his intense focus on his work. As Sam Neill, his co-star, stated, “Cillian’s not silly.”

One bright light of friendship stood out among the sea of distant personalities on set: Helen McCrory. Murphy developed a close friendship off-screen with Polly Gray, his on-screen aunt, and their relationship went beyond the set.

Murphy paid a moving homage to McCrory, remembering how her laugh was contagious and how she made even the most serious scenes seem lighthearted.

The Titan’s Death

Sadly, the death of Helen McCrory in 2021 was an enormous blow to the “Peaky Blinders” family. Murphy was heartbroken by the loss of their close friend and colleague, much like the rest of the cast.

The absence of McCrory cast a shadow over the set, and Murphy had to do without his beloved co-star.

While Cillian Murphy wasn’t the most social person at “Peaky Blinders” events, his respect for his co-stars and commitment to his work was clear in all of his on-screen and off-screen activities.

Even though Murphy and Helen McCrory didn’t spend a lot of time together after filming, their strong friendship is proof of the deep bonds they made.

It’s clear by the end of “Peaky Blinders” that the bonds formed on set lasted just as long as the steel blades that were shown on screen.

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