Cher’s Romance with 40 Years Younger “A.E.” Edwards, Love Knows No Boundaries

Cher, the ageless wonder at 77, has been hitting the headlines with her romance with Alexander “A.E.” Edwards, a 37-year-old music executive who’s a few decades her junior.

This significant 40-year age gap has folks talking, and Cher decided it’s time to spill the beans on how they manage this age-defying love story.

The legendary Grammy Award-winning singer didn’t hold back, revealing that sometimes, their conversations are like two ships passing in the night due to the generational divide.

She recounted a funny instance when she mentioned Clark Gable, and Edwards had to break the news that he wasn’t even born back then. Classic case of “Age of Innocence,” right?

Still, Cher’s not afraid to spill the love beans. She gushed about their fabulous times together, where they groove to the music and chit-chat about everything under the sun. They’re two peas in a pod with an ageless twist, showing that love has a way of defying the passage of time.

Now, when it comes to Edwards, he’s more than just an interesting accessory to Cher’s fascinating life. This young man’s got a four-year-old son named Slash Electric, and he’s a co-parent with his ex-girlfriend, Amber Rose.

Cher and Alexander Edwards

On the other hand, Cher, our diva, has her own family story. She has a son, Chaz Bono, who’s 54, from her marriage with the late Sonny Bono, her ex-hubby from 1964 to 1975. And let’s not forget Elijah Blue Allman, 47, from her marriage to the late Gregg Allman, which ran from 1975 to 1979. 

Cher and Edwards made their love affair official in November 2022, and you won’t believe how it all started. It’s like something out of a rom-com.

Cher met Alexander Edwards during Paris Fashion Week in September of the previous year. She was surprised when he sent her a text afterward.

Who could have seen that coming, right? Her initial reaction was, “Nah, I’m too old for younger men,” and she thought falling in love via text was a joke. But then, Cupid’s arrow struck, and she did exactly what she said she wouldn’t do.

Cher’s Timeless Holiday Album

Apart from her love life, Cher has released her first-ever holiday album, “Christmas.” This has been a long-awaited gift for her fans. She’s been hearing those holiday album requests ever since the Sonny and Cher days.

Her album is a mix of different styles, making each track a unique island in the musical ocean. Cher’s music continues to captivate us, showing off her timeless talents.

Cher and Edwards have even teamed up to make music together. Edwards lent his production skills to Cher’s “Christmas” album.

It’s quite a leap of faith to hand over your music to your beau, especially when you’re head over heels. But Cher trusted him and was thrilled with the results, proving that love and trust can make beautiful music together.

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