Brad Pitt and Barack Obama have Surprising Family Ties 

The Obama family has long roots and branches. The family tree connects to popular political figures like Dick Cheney and both George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush.

Even though they are all political rivals, Barack Obama humorously talked about his relationship with Cheney during a 2007 speech, where he jokingly said every family has a “black sheep.”

Political ties can be understood but how is the political leader related to a superstar of Hollywood, Brad Pitt? This question has always raised curiosity among fans and followers.

They’d like to know what’s behind the Obama and Pitt relationship. Since when are they connected, and what’s the lineage?

Brad Pitt’s Unlikely Tie

Brad Pitt and the Obama’s have a long history of ancestry. Brad Pitt is Barack Obama’s ninth cousin. This startling connection goes back to Edwin Hickman, a Virginian sheriff who lived in the eighteenth century.

While Obama’s genealogy interfaces through Hickman’s son James, Pitt’s tie originates from Edwin Jr., James’ brother.

However, Hickman had a modest existence as a sheriff in Virginia; his relatives would proceed to make unrivaled progress.

Pitt’s heredity from Hickman mirrors the perplexing tapestry of familial associations that span hundreds of years, revealing unexpected connections between people of boundlessly various foundations.

A Memorable Encounter

Back in 2009, when Barack Obama was still president, Pitt and Obama came across each other. Pitt met his ninth cousin and was left in awe. He had an amazing and humble experience with the world leader. It was a humble and different experience for a popular celebrity like Pitt.

Brad Pitt and Barack Obama
Brad Pitt and Barack Obama

Pitt extended his support to his distant cousin and this goes beyond their family relationship. During Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012, Pitt endorsed his background, showing confidence in Obama’s leadership.

Despite releasing a politically charged film, Pitt made it clear that his support for Obama remains undefined.

Pitt’s connection with Obama began when he visited the Oval Office with his then-wife Angelina Jolie. These experiences demonstrated Pitt’s appreciation of the President and his willingness to engage with politicians on issues of national importance

A Personal Connection Amidst Political Turmoil

Between political divisions and public scrutiny, Pitt’s association with Obama gave him a personal touch amid the political turmoil and despite their careers, their family ties complemented each other as a sign that people in different groups are connected.

Brad Pitt’s surprising ties to the Obamas reveal close family ties and unexpected connections between familiar figures.

Through Pitt and Barack Obama’s ninth cousin, we see the glamor of Hollywood and a combination of political identity, where their bonds are visible rising above the traditional boundary.

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