Body Language Expert On Usher & Alicia Keys Super Bowl

Taylor Swift was not the most talked-about musician at a Kansas City Chiefs game for the first time in several months. 

At halftime, the Super Bowl was transformed into an epic 13-minute Usher concert, during which he wowed viewers with a medley of hits, incredible choreography, a brief absence of a shirt, and fabulous cameos by musicians with whom he has collaborated, including Ludacris, Lil Jon, and Alicia Keys.

While Keys’ sparkle was unmistakable, you may have overlooked one of her most glamorous features: her nails.

Keys was glowing as the cameras rolled on her at the most stunningly sculpted red piano. Keys’ makeup was fresh and light, as expected given her role as the founder of Keys Soulcare, and she wore her hair in long, thick twists. Her corsetted Dolce & Gabbana catsuit matched the piano and was adorned with crystals and sequins.

Leaving her piano behind, Keys rose to reveal a curve-hugging, super-sparkly red jumpsuit, before joining Usher in his all-white outfit to sing their 2004 duet “My Boo” on its 20th anniversary. 

The two performers were in perfect sync, moving in time with the song’s rhythm and appearing closer than ever before, both physically and emotionally. Body language expert Jess Ponce III shared his observations about the performance.

Usher & Alicia Keys
Usher & Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys’ performance with Usher sparked outrage on the internet, with some viewers predicting that Keys’ husband, Swizz Beatz, would be offended. But that girl was not actually on fire when Usher gently touched her and looked deeply into her eyes.

“A closer look at their faces revealed the genuine joy of two dear friends having a great time together,” says Ponce. “It is heartening to witness such a strong and complementary bond between two people.” 

When Usher released his song “My Boo,” which featured Alicia Keys, it debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and stayed there for six weeks.

It also won a Grammy for Best R&B Performance by A Duo Or Group With Vocals, and the official video has received over 178 million views, with enough chemistry between the two to spark dating rumors when it was released.

While their 2024 Super Bowl halftime show sparked new rumors, the romance is limited to a deep friendship.

Ponce expressed admiration for the singers’ connection. “It’s heartwarming to witness such a compelling and complementary connection between two individuals,” he stated. “As Usher embraced Alicia, her eyes spoke volumes, conveying that she was truly having the time of her life with a dear friend.”

However, fans will just have to settle for a showmance between the singers — not only is Keys married, but it is reported that Usher and his actual boo, got a marriage license right before the Super Bowl.

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