Firerose Spills the Tea, Billy Ray Cyrus’ Fateful Meeting Thanks to His Dog

Love stories are full of unexpected twists and turns, but Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose’s story is nothing short of extraordinary.

It all started with an unlikely matchmaker: Billy Ray’s dog, Tex, who was determined to play cupid, or in this case, “candog.”

It was like the Sunset Gala in Hollywood, where the stars are usually brighter than the city lights. Firerose, a talented musician, was walking out of an audition one sunny day.

She had no idea, though, that that day would have lasting effects beyond her audition. She met Billy Ray Cyrus by coincidence while he was out and about walking his German Shepherd, Tex. 

Firerose couldn’t help but gush about Tex, describing him as “the most beautiful German Shepherd you’ve ever seen.” She was convinced that Tex was connected to some divine matchmaking service, because, lo and behold, all these years later, she and Billy Ray ended up tying the knot. Talk about a “pawsitive” first impression!

When Billy Ray and Firerose spilled the beans on their unconventional love story on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” Kelly herself couldn’t resist getting in on the doggy action. She immediately inquired about Tex and, with a gleam in her eye, asked, “Can I meet the dog?” 

Firerose didn’t disappoint; she proudly presented a picture of Tex and began recounting the whimsical tale of their meeting.

In response, Kelly, a self-proclaimed dog lover, enthusiastically exclaimed, “Oh, I love dogs. They’re the best!” Who could argue with that? Dogs are indeed wonderful creatures, and Tex, with his divine matchmaking skills, is undoubtedly the top dog.

From Friendship to Fur-Ever Love

Firerose looked back on that fateful day on Sunset Gala and realized how different her life had been from before her encounter with Billy Ray.

Billy Ray Cyrus
Billy Ray Cyrus (Source: Unknown)

After becoming friends at first, well, the rest is history. Fourteen years after they decided to tie the knot, they still had vows. Now, that’s what we call a “tail” of love that stood the test of time. 

Billy Ray has experienced some ups and downs on his path to finding love. From 1993 to 2022, he was previously wed to Tish Cyrus, a marriage that lasted almost three decades.

However, Firerose, the love of his life, appears to have ultimately healed him of his heartache. His announcement of their marriage came with a heartfelt message, describing their wedding day as “the most perfect, ethereal celebration of love we could have ever imagined.”

Their accidental meeting is not the story’s end. Their mutual love of music served as fuel for their growing bond over time.

Their partnership as creative collaborators was strengthened in 2021 when they worked together on a musical project. It was as though the universe served as their stage and they were both singing the same love song.

The Proposal

On the other hand, the proposal was a picture-perfect romantic moment. Billy Ray did not make a traditional proposal—he did not get on one knee—but he made up for it with his sincerity. He asked, “Do you want to marry me?” as he cast a glance at Firerose.

A straightforward but exquisite expression of love. Of course, she said yes, and their journey towards matrimony began.

When Firerose created her own engagement ring, she gave their love story a uniquely personal touch. This 18k white gold ring has a 4-prong V-shaped center diamond accented with more round diamonds, holding a round brilliant cut diamond as the center stone. Now that’s a ring as unique as their love.

Billy Ray’s life before Firerose was characterized by his nearly three-decade marriage to Tish Cyrus. They are parents to Miley, Noah, Brandi, Trace, and Braison. Together, they have five kids. Billy Ray’s life is obviously centered around love, in both his romantic relationships and family life.

Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose’s love story is adorable and makes us all swoon, even in a world where things often feel like a chaotic sitcom.

They have shown us that love can be just as special and lovely as the people who share it with a generous helping of luck, canine charm, and lots of love. Cheers to their love story, which I hope will be replete with joy, laughter, and lots of furry friends!

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