Bella Hadid’s New Love – Adan Banuelos, The Cowboy Connection

Bella Hadid, the supermodel, has discovered a new love interest who has a Western style. Hadid has fallen in love with Fort Worth, Texas-born Mexican-American horseman Adan Banuelos.

Since being noticed together for the first time in October 2023, the couple’s relationship has grown into an outward show of devotion.

Let’s explore Adan Banuelos’s biography and the reasons behind his and Bella Hadid’s meeting.

The Man Behind the Cowboy Hat – Adan Banuelos

Adan Banuelos has experience in the world of horseback riding. He is a Mexican-American horseman who lives in Fort Worth, Texas and is well-known in the world of competitive horseback riding.

Adan acquired a passion for horseback riding from his father, Ascencion Banuelos, the first Mexican-American to be elected into the National Cutting Horse Association Hall of Fame.

In the world of horseback riding, Banuelos is a superstar, not just an ordinary rider. He became one of the youngest inductees in the history of the National Cutting Horse Association Rider Hall of Fame when he was awarded an honored seat in the hall in 2017.

2020 saw him win the NCHA Futurity Open Championship, adding to his record of wins. These days, he focuses on teaching ambitious riders the ropes while also raising and showing cutting horses.

A Union in the Saddle – How They Met

Although the couple’s actual meeting events are yet unknown, it appears that they have a mutual passion for horses. In addition to her successful modeling career, Bella Hadid restored her interest in competitive horse riding.

Given their shared love of competitive horseback riding, it’s possible that they two met in the riding community.

Bella Hadid and Adan Banuelos
Bella Hadid and Adan Banuelos

Bella Hadid hasn’t shied away from posting about her newfound interest on social media. She shared several photos from the NCHA tournament in January and casually announced their relationship on Instagram.

One of the cutest pictures of him and Adan Banuelos is of them holding hands and expressing their love for horses.

Valentine’s Day Confirmation

Bella Hadid posted a heartfelt Valentine’s Day tribute to her Instagram story in February 2024. In the photo, Banuelos and Hadid were seen riding horses, holding hands, and enjoying the moment against the rustic scenery.

Titled “My Valentine,” the couple confirmed their vows and gave viewers an early glimpse of their romantic celebration.

Bella Hadid’s 27th birthday celebration gave us a glimpse into the couple’s life. Hadid shared photos and videos from their celebration on October 9, 2023, which showed off their clingy cowboy outfits.

In one video, the couple looked happy and united as they kissed on a ranch table. Their matching fashion sense was evident in the photos, which showed Banuelos in a light blue button-down and Hadid in a blue denim bustier dress.

Bella Hadid’s public persona takes on a Western setting thanks to her relationship with Adan Banuelos.

The couple’s outspoken affection and overlapping outfits mean that a common love for horse riding has been central to their relationship.

Fans will get another glimpse into the life of this chic and passionate couple as they ride them together during the journey.

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