Anne Hathaway Takes a Stand- Vanity Fair Photoshoot Drama Unfolds

Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway made waves when, in an unexpected turn of events, she left a Vanity Fair picture session to show support for the Condé Nast Union’s current work stoppage.

Celebrity for her parts in popular movies like “The Devil Wears Prada” and “Les Misérables,” the actress stood up against what union members claim are illegal tactics during negotiations.

The Unexpected Protest- Hathaway’s Bold Move

Unaware of the ongoing work stoppage, Anne Hathaway unexpectedly departed the set of the Tuesday morning picture session in New York City to show solidarity for the almost 400 union members at Condé Nast.

According to sources, Hathaway’s exit was prompted by a notification from SAG-AFTRA that her team got while she was still getting her hair and makeup done.

“They hadn’t even begun shooting pictures yet,” a Variety source said. “Once Anne was made aware of what was going on, she just got up from hair and makeup and left.”

Union Rally and Chants- Condé Nast Employees Protest

Employees from Vanity Fair, Vogue, GQ, Allure, and other Condé Nast publications are involved in the work stoppage, which coincides with the release of the 2024 Oscar nominees.

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway

The union members held a demonstration in front of the company’s New York headquarters while carrying posters that said, “Layoffs are out of style.”

Chants of “Say it loud, say it clear, winter’s extra cold this year” reverberated, subtly referencing Anna Wintour, a powerful leader in the fashion industry.

Condé Nast’s Recent Changes and Union’s Response

Following the merger of Pitchfork with GQ, Condé Nast recently announced substantial structural changes that resulted in Pitchfork layoffs, including the resignation of editor-in-chief Puja Patel.

The union voiced its displeasure with the company’s conduct, charging it with violating the law, busting unions, and putting employees on layoffs.

As part of cost-cutting efforts, Condé Nast CEO Roger Lynch has earlier announced the dismissal of around 300 workers in November 2023.

The entertainment and publishing industries are closely monitoring the protest’s development and its effects on the sector as a result of Anne Hathaway’s audacious decision to draw attention to the ongoing problems at Condé Nast.

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