Amy Smart’s Hollywood Reunion with Ryan Reynolds, Just Friends Rekindle Chemistry in Gin Commercial

Amy Smart and Ryan Reynolds recently had a fantastic reunion. Starring in the 2005 movie Just Friends, the actors made a cameo appearance in a humorous Aviation American Gin commercial eighteen years later, serving as a kind of mini “sequel.” 

This year’s Thanksgiving falls on November 23, which is also the anniversary of the film’s theatrical release eighteen years ago. The advertisement is called “Just Friendsgiving.”

Just Friendsgiving

Reynolds appears at the opening of the commercial, standing in a joyous living room decorated with a Christmas tree. After a demanding day at work, Reynolds’ Chris welcomes his “honey” Jamie home in a green screen living room decorated with holiday décor.

“The bar ran out of Aviation American Gin,” says Smart to her husband as she walks into the room with a bottle of spirit. Reynolds responds with an oversized groan at the news.

The “Stargirl” actress asks Reynolds why the lines do not seem as natural and why she would be holding the bottle if the bar ran out, calling for multiple cuts.

Catching on to what is really happening, Smart says, “So, this is a stupid ad for your gin company.” Smart calls the misleading casting a “dirty” move and a few profanities are exchanged to conclude the skit.

In 2005, Reynolds and Smart starred together in the holiday romantic comedy “Just Friends.” Reynolds plays Chris in the movie’s opening scene, wearing a fat suit, while Jamie is only a platonic lover.

Just Friends” Anniversary Celebration

When you finally allow a guy to leave the friend zone, what happens if you are not careful? You may find yourself doing a commercial for his gin brand years later. 

Amy Smart
Amy Smart (Image Via @VancityReynolds/YouTube)

With the holiday season upon us, Just Friends stars Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart marked the 18th anniversary of their holiday rom-com, a commercial for Reynolds’ Aviation American Gin.

Just to make it clear that it’s all in good fun, the video ends with a round of applause for Smart after she wraps up her filming. 

Those fans who have waited 18 years for an actual sequel to Just Friends will have to keep waiting, but they can at least enjoy some goofs and spoofs between the stars in the meantime.

Actress Amy Lysle Smart hails from America. Her birthday is March 26, 1976. Her first cinematic appearance was in the horror anthology film Campfire Tales, directed by Martin Kunert. 

She then had a small role in Paul Verhoeven’s Starship Troopers (1997). In 1998, Amy made an appearance in Dee Snider’s Strangeland. 

Her roles in the mainstream teen drama Varsity Blues (1999) and as Ruby, a recurring character on the television series Felicity (1999–2001), brought her widespread recognition. 

She then starred in Jerry Zucker’s ensemble comedy Rat Race (2001) as well as the lead in the college sex comedy Road Trip (2000).

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