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Fact Check: ‘The Marvels’ Probably Has One Of The Worst MCU Box Office Openings Ever

In a world familiar with Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) triumphs, whispers spread about ‘The Marvels’ facing a box office stumble. Claims echo that it might hold the dubious title of one of the worst MCU openings.

As skepticism entwines with fandom anticipation, we should dig into the numbers and separate reality from fiction in this cinematic saga of success or setback.

The Claim

‘The Marvels’ is probably having one of the worst Marvel Cinematic Universe box office openings. 

The Ruling


The claim that ‘The Marvel’ might have one of the worst Marvel Cinematic Universe box office openings is True, as indicated by various reputable sources. 


“The Marvels” is currently projected to open to somewhere between $60 and $65 million at the domestic box office. If this projection turns out to be true, it would be one of the worst Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) box office openings ever.

The only MCU films that have opened lower than $60 million are “Ant-Man” ($57.2 million) and “The Incredible Hulk” ($55.4 million), both of which were released at the beginning of the MCU.

The Marvel


Box Office Tracking Estimates: Box Office tracking services like The Hollywood, Deadline and Variety are all anticipating the box office opening weekend of $60-$65 million for ‘The Marvels.’ This would be one of the worst openings in the MCU history. 

Low Presale Numbers: Presale ticket sales for “The Marvels” are also relatively low, sitting at around $5 million. This is comparable to the presale numbers for other recent superhero movies that have failed to meet expectations at the box office, for example, “Morbius” and “The Flash.”

Negative Fan Feedback: The film’s trailer has been met with some negative feedback from fans, with some criticizing the film’s visuals and tone. This could be an indication that there is less excitement for “The Marvels” than there has been for previous MCU films.


The eagerly awaited release of ‘The Marvels’ this Friday held high expectations for a box office triumph following the success of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3’ recently.

However, an approaching chance suggests that it could stamp one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s worst opening weekends. 

Initial projections, once anticipated at $75-80 million, have dwindled to a range of $60-65 million in recent weeks. If realized, this would be a domain the MCU hasn’t ventured into since 2011, as indicated by ComScore information.

MCU Movies with Low Box Office Openings

Comparatively, only two movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have debuted lower than the projected $60 million opening for ‘The Marvels.’

In 2015, ‘Ant-Man’ entered the scene with a modest $57 million opening, while back in 2008, ‘Incredible Hulk’ opened with $55 million. Should ‘The Marvels’ fall within the current projections, it would wind up in the company of these predecessors with one of the MCU’s least opening weekends.

Factors Leading to One of the Worst Openings of ‘The Marvels’

Various factors could be contributing to “The Marvels'” relatively low opening weekend projections. One possibility is that superhero fatigue is starting to set in among audiences.

The MCU has released 33 movies to date, and it’s conceivable that some viewers are simply feeling worn out on superhero movies.

Another possibility is that “The Marvels” is not producing as much excitement as previous MCU movies. The film’s marketing campaign has been relatively low, and there has been some negative feedback from fans about the film’s trailer.


In the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe, ‘The Marvels’ appears to be poised for a less-than-stellar box office debut, possibly ranking among the least in MCU history. With projections floating between $60-65 million and factors like superhero fatigue and tepid fan reaction, the film faces a challenging opening.

Whether this is a momentary setback or an indication of shifting audience preferences is not yet clear, however, ‘The Marvels’ could mark a noteworthy chapter in the MCU’s cinematic journey.


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