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Fact-Check: Sean Evans Calls It Quit With Boyfriend Melissa Stratton on Valentine’s Day

An unexpected headline broke on Valentine’s Day: Sean Evans, known for his fiery interviews, the prominent host of ‘Hot Ones,’ allegedly broke up with the prominent adult film star Melissa Stratton.

However, as emotions run high and rumors swirl, separating truth from fiction is crucial. Join us in our journey to unravel the truth of this rumor.

The Claim

Sean Evans broke up with Melissa Stratton on Valentine’s Day.

The Ruling


As per multiple reputable and reliable online news media outlets, the ‘Hot Ones’ host broke up with a reported girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. 


Sean Evans and Melissa Stratton have been seeing each other since December 2023, as per the reports. Initially, they tried to keep their relationship a secret, but the news spread wildfire soon after they were caught hanging out and chilling with each other.


Media: Multiple reputable and reliable celebrity media outlets such as Page Six, TMZ and others, have confirmed the breakup news.

Sources: As per reliable sources, Evans called Melissa on Valentine’s Day and asked her to quit the relationship because of the media’s attention.

Sean Evans and Melissa Stratton
Sean Evans and Melissa Stratton

As per the sources, Evans wanted to keep his relationship private. But their relationship took a new turn after Stratton posted their picture on her Twitter account. 


Sean Evans and Melissa Stratton, an adult film star, reportedly broke up just hours after their relationship was made public. As per TMZ, the 37-year-old “Hot Ones” host called Stratton on Valentine’s Day to quit the things between them, citing the media attention surrounding their relationship as the reason behind the split.

Evans wanted to keep it secret

Sources uncovered that Evans had planned to keep his love life hidden, yet after Stratton, 34, shared photographs from the Super Bowl with Evans, the dynamic changed.

As indicated by our sources, Melissa found Sean’s clarification puzzling in light of multiple factors. She said that when they started dating, he knew a lot about her job.

He had invited her to a lot of public events in Las Vegas before the Super Bowl and even posed for photos with her. This inconsistency brings up issues about the true motivation behind Sean’s choice to end their relationship.

It all started here…

Sources informed TMZ on Tuesday that the YouTube host and the model started communicating in October 2023 before finally meeting in person interestingly towards the year’s end. 

Since then, they have been enjoying each other’s company, hanging out together in different cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, as reported by the outlet. This past weekend, the couple were seen together in Sin City, with Evans purportedly inviting Stratton to the Super Bowl, considering her enthusiasm as a devoted Kansas City Chiefs fan.

Stratton was spotted sitting in a VIP suite, donning a Patrick Mahomes jersey, while Evans went casual in jeans, a black T-shirt, a suede tan jacket, and a hat.

As they witnessed the Chiefs’ overtime victory over the San Francisco 49ers, their upbeat demeanor was evident.

Additional snapshots depicted Evans and Stratton enjoying a club and some pre-game shopping, highlighting their shared moments of joy leading up to the event.


Amid the whirlwind of media speculation, it’s confirmed that Sean Evans indeed ended his relationship with Melissa Stratton on Valentine’s Day.

Despite the efforts to keep their romance private, the public spotlight eventually prompted their split.

As rumors circulated, reliable sources shed light on the reality behind the separation, revealing the complexities of navigating personal relationships in the public eye.


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