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Fact-Check: Chris Rock and Amber Rose Sparked The Dating Rumors 

Rumor mills have started their work once more, this time targeting the prominent American Comedian and Actor Chris Rock and linking him with Amber Rose.

However, it’s crucial to separate reality amid these widespread rumors. Join us in our journey to unravel the reality amid these swirling dating rumors.

The Claim

Chris Rock is dating Amber Rose.

The Ruling


The relationship status between Chris Rock and Amber Rose is yet to be confirmed by them. 


As per our sources, Rock and Rose have known each other for almost 15 years and are good friends. Chris Rock and Amber Rose have both been divorced: Rock from Malaak Compton in 2016 and Rose from Wiz Khalifa in 2014. Rose publicly defended Rock in 2012 after he faced criticism for a joke he made on stage. 


No Official Confirmation: Neither Chris Rock nor Amber Rose has publicly accepted or denied the dating rumors till now.

Media Outlets: Multiple media outlets have predicted a potential relationship 

between Rock and Rose. However, none of them has confirmed the dating rumors due to a lack of credibility. 

No Credible Evidence: The potential dating rumors lack credible evidence to support the claims. Thus, nothing could be concluded to date. 


The prominent American Comedian and actor was spotted with Amber Rose post-Christmas on 26th December in New York City. The duo seemed happy and chilled out together while engaging in conversation with each other.

Chris Rock and Amber Rose
Chris Rock and Amber Rose

How did the rumors start? 

Both Chris Rock and Amber have known each other for a long time. Rose once defended Rock from public criticisms of a joke he made onstage.

However, post-Christmas on 26th December 2023, Rock and Rose were spotted in New York City together strolling across the street to the Big Apple, before Rock headed towards his apartment.

The duo seemed smiling while they were engaged in a conversation. However, we did not find any of the couple’s gestures in their behavior with each other. It was more likely a friend’s outing. 

Rock and Rose Strolling Across NYC Streets

Chris Rock and Amber Rose have ignited dating rumors with recent sightings in New York City. The couple seemed happy, going for a leisurely walk in NYC and later heading to the comedian’s apartment.

Rock, known for “Grown Ups,” donned black cargo pants, a blue-and-dark plaid shirt, a cobalt beanie, and a short fleece coat. Rose, the model, wore a distressed leather jacket over a gray-and-black sweat set with vibrant red sneakers.

However, we did not notice any signs of PDA. Their relationship status is still unconfirmed as it could be merely a friend’s handout together.

Rock and Rose’s Past Relationship

Both Chris Rock and Amber Rose divorced their ex-spouses in 2016 and 2014. Chris Rock divorced his ex-wife Malaak Compton in 2016 whereas Amber Rose divorced her ex-husband Wiz Khalifa in 2014. 

Rock claims to be Single and Rose wants to be Single for the Rest of her Life

In a comedy show in March 2023, Chris Rock revealed that he was married once, but got divorced in 2016.

After that, he briefly dated someone. However, he further added that he was single at that time. Meanwhile Rose claimed that she wanted to be single for the rest of her life. 


While rumors persist about Chris Rock and Amber Rose’s alleged romance, no credible evidence supports the claims.

Despite recent sightings and their long-term friendship, both remain tight-lipped about any romantic involvement. Past defenses and a post-Christmas walk around New York City sparked speculation, yet we did not find an authentic answer.

Their respective divorces and public statements on being single add layers to the secret. Unconfirmed rumors continue to surround their relationship’s status.


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