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Fact-Check: No, Mauricio Umansky Is Not Dating Anitta

Amid intense whispers and social media buzz, rumors have surfaced about a romantic connection between Mauricio Umansky and Anitta.

This fact-check examines the core of this hypothesis, separating reality from the viral claims.

Let’s unwind the truth behind the alleged dating rumor encompassing Mauricio Umansky and Anitta to observe whether love bloomed or it’s just another celebrity hoax.

The Claim

Mauricio Umansky is dating Anitta, the Brazilian singer.

The Ruling


It is false that Mauricio Umasky is dating the Brazilian singer Anitta, as confirmed by his estranged wife Kyle Richards and celebrity media outlets. 


Mauricio Umansky was spotted with Anitta at a party in Aspen, when he took his shirt off and sprayed champagne. People started talking about the alleged romantic involvement between Umansky and Anitta after the clip went viral on social media. However, as per the available sources, Mauricio Umansky is not dating Anitta.


Official Statement: As per the official statement made by Kyle Richards, Mauricio Umansky’s estranged wife, he is not dating Anitta.

Media Outlets: Multiple celebrity media outlets such as US Weekly, Page Six and Just Jared have confirmed the rumor to be false, as indicated by Kyle’s official statement.

No Credible Sources: No credible sources support the claim such as the official confirmation of the relationship, romantic pictures together and so on.


In a recent interview, Kyle Richards confirmed the relationship status of Mauricio Umansky by clearing that he is not dating Anitta. However, she further added that Mauricio is free to do anything he wants to do in his life. 

Shirtless Umansky Enjoying the Party

Umansky was spotted at a party in Aspen along with the Brazilian singer Anitta and Internet star Lele Pons. Anitta shared a video on December 23, in which Umansky was found dancing shirtless and spraying champagne while Anitta and Lele also enjoyed the moment with him. 

Last week also, Umansky was spotted playing the role of videographer for Anitta and Lele Pons while they went on Skiing. Lele and Anitta wore only a towel in the picture shared by them.  

Kyle’s Sunny Vacation

While Mauricio was enjoying Aspen with Anitta and Lele Pons, Kyle Richards was also enjoying her sunny vacation at a beach in Mexico, wearing an airy white dress. 

Kyle and Mauricio Spent Christmas with Family

Kyle also reached Aspen to spend Christmas with Mauricio Umansky, her estranged husband, and their family.

Upon being questioned about her reaction if Mauricio dated someone, Kyle replied that he is allowed to do whatever he wants to do. 


Despite intense rumors ignited by a viral video, Mauricio Umansky’s alleged romance with Anitta is debunked.

Kyle Richards, his estranged wife, clarified the rumors, stating that the dating rumors were false.

Umansky’s lively moments with Anitta in Aspen remained misconstrued, as confirmed by credible media outlets.

The dating rumors were categorically dispelled due to Kyle and Mauricio spending Christmas together.


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