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Fact-Check: Dua Lipa And British Actor Callum Turner Are Dating

Rumors frequently dance their way into the spotlight in the realm of celebrity gossip. The latest buzz encompasses pop sensation Dua Lipa and British actor Callum Turner, with whispers of a budding romance.

Before the rumor mill spins out of control, let’s sift through the facts and fiction to reveal the reality behind the alleged romantic tale between the two stars. Is Dua Lipa dating Callum Turner?

The Claim

Pop Sensation Dua Lipa is dating the British actor Callum Turner. 

The Ruling


The claim that Dua Lipa is dating Callum Turner is true, as indicated by reputable and reliable media outlets.


Dua Lipa and Callum Turner were spotted together reportedly on January 10, 2024. Unfortunately, there is no public information about how long Dua Lipa and Callum Turner have known each other. The couple are very serious about each other. Their support for each other says it all.


Official Confirmation: It is confirmed by the insider that Dua Lipa and Callum Turner are the new hot couple. The insider claims that they are mad at each other.

Media Outlets: Multiple reputable and reliable media outlets such as Page Six, Cosmopolitan and Hollywood Life have confirmed the claim to be true.

Credibility: Upon investigation, we found credible evidence like the footage of them dancing together and perhaps sharing a kiss. The confirmation by reputable and reliable media outlets also provides us credibility over the sources. 


The singer Dua Lipa and actor Callum Turner, who is currently starring in two major Hollywood productions, were seen dancing at an LA afterparty for the premiere of his show ‘Masters of The Air’ on Wednesday night. This sparked speculation about a potential romance between them.

Dua Lipa and Callum Turner

The couple were spotted dancing together

On the 10th of January, during a private event for his Apple TV+ series alongside Austin Butler and Barry Koeghan, Callum was in the spotlight.

A backstage moment was captured revealing Callum and Dua together. In the footage, Dua, adorned with her signature red locks, embraces Callum, dancing together, perhaps even sharing a kiss

Dua and Callum are mad at each other

Upon investigation, a source close to Dua Lipa and Callum Turner confirmed that they are indeed dating. The source further claimed though their romance is new, the couple are mad at each other

Though the singer appears to have no connection with the Apple TV+ series, she visited there to support the actor. 

Fans Reaction

Fans are going wild on social media after watching the clip of them enjoying together and getting cozy with each other. 

A user expressed his feelings that Dua Lipa and Callum Turner are the hot couple over there in the market and he will be there to cheer them up.

Another user tweeted about being jealous that Dua Lipa and Callum Turner are together as he lost both of them now. 

One more user tweeted that their potential relationship was not in his 2024 bingo card, but it has been added now.


The rumors about Dua Lipa dating Callum Turner are verified and true. Validated by credible media outlets, footage, and insider confirmation, the evidence supports their budding romance.

The hot couple has enthusiastic support from fans. While details concerning their relationship timeline remain undisclosed, the pair’s public appearances and mutual admiration suggest a promising connection.

Fans are both surprised and excited about this new celebrity pairing because of the unexpected union, which has ignited social media.


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