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Fact-Check: Are Amber Rose and CJ Stroud Dating? Model Sets Record Straight on Alleged Romance

In the swirling vortex of celebrity gossip, truth often gets lost. There have been recent rumors that Amber Rose is getting close to football star CJ Stroud. But before you start shipping this alleged power couple, let’s separate fact from fiction.

Brace yourself for a reality check as we dissect the rumors and disclose the reality behind this alleged Hollywood romance.

The Claim

Amber Rose is dating CJ Stroud.

The Ruling


The claim that Amber Rose is dating CJ Stroud is false, as officially confirmed by Amber Rose and claimed by multiple reputable and reliable celebrity news media outlets. 


Amber Rose and CJ Stroud do not even know each other personally. There is no connection between them, as claimed by the model.

They met at the celebrity softball game and Stroud gave her a ride back to the hotel when people started speculating about their potential relationship. 


Official Confirmation: It is officially confirmed by the model that they are not a thing. It was just a casual meet and Stroud just offered her a ride to the hotel. She claimed that the duo don’t even know each other personally.

Media Outlets: Multiple reputable and reliable celebrity media outlets have confirmed the claim that the duo are not dating, after the model’s official statement. 

Sources: We did not find any credible sources to believe and support the viral dating rumors. All the facts and statements are against the claim. 


Speculation about a potential romance between Amber Rose and Houston Texans quarterback CJ Stroud ignited when they were spotted leaving a celebrity softball game together. 

Are Amber Rose and CJ Stroud Dating
Amber Rose and CJ Stroud

In a widely circulated video clip, the 22-year-old athlete and the 40-year-old former video personality exited a gate together after attending the Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack Foundation HBCU Celebrity Softball Classic at Minute Maid Park, Houston. 

Amber Shuts Down the Dating Rumors

In an Instagram story, posted on the 17th of Feb, Amber cleared all the doubts about her potential relationship with CJ Stroud.

The model denied all the rumors and claimed that there was nothing between them. It was just a casual meeting and they don’t even know each other. 

Amber Rose stated in her story that Stroud was just giving her a ride to the hotel when they were spotted together. Both of them competed in the celebrity game alongside other prominent personalities such as Anthony Mackie, Johnny Manziel, Damar Hamlin, Teyana Taylor and many more. 

Fans Reaction

One individual tweeted that young millionaire athletes like Jalen Green and CJ Stroud would take advantage of the opportunity to date women like Draya and Amber Rose, whom they probably admired since childhood.

Someone else added that Amber Rose was trending because she had been seen out with a quarterback half her age, CJ Stroud.


In the whirlwind of celebrity gossip, clarity emerges. Amber Rose’s alleged romance with CJ Stroud is debunked, with the model confirming no personal connection beyond a chance encounter. Official statements and media reports suppress the speculation.

This incident serves as a reminder of how difficult it can be, to tell the truth from rumors in the world of fame. As the dust settles, it highlights the significance of verifying information before capitulating to drama.


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