SAG-AFTRA Confirms Pedro Pascal’s Potential Role in Fantastic Four MCU Reboot

Everyone is waiting for confirmation from the superhero gods after the latest development, which includes unexpected twists and turns.

From scheduling conflicts to unexpected sources, it appears that even the most trustworthy secrets are vulnerable to prying eyes among followers.

Pascal’s involvement in Fantastic Four was mentioned on the SAG-AFTRA Foundation website, which has since been updated. The scheduling conflict with Gladiator 2 appears to be resolved, which fuels casting speculation.

While Fantastic Four MCU casting news has so far been limited to speculation and fan hopes, astute observers have learned more concrete details about the upcoming project from an unexpected source.

The Fantastic Four MCU reboot is expected to start production soon, but Marvel’s First Family cast has yet to be announced. Several sources say Pedro Pascal was cast as Reed Richards, but Marvel Studios has yet to confirm this.

A SAG-AFTRA Foundation webpage with a career retrospective on renowned actor Pascal may have revealed more than it should.

“Pascal recently completed production on Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated GLADIATOR 2 and will soon begin production on Marvel Studios’ FANTASTIC FOUR,” according to a section of the bio.

While the entry has since been updated to remove the announcement of Pascal’s participation in the Fantastic Four, the damage has already been done.

While all manner of speculation has been on the table for months, including talk of Adam Driver playing Mr. Fantastic, the most prominent and popular murmurs had Pascal in mind for the role.

Pedro Pascal
Pedro Pascal

However, it was noted that the casting of the Fantastic Four was dependent on scheduling issues being resolved. The statement on the SAG-AFTRA website confirms that the scheduling conflict with Gladiator 2 has been resolved and serves as the first corporate confirmation of Pascal’s role in Fantastic Four.

The public perception recently has been that Pascal could be the ultimate franchise actor and his potential arrival in the MCU in a prominent role touted by Marvel Studios boss Feige as pivotal to the MCU’s plans would only serve to strengthen that perception.

While there is no guarantee that the Fantastic Four role is his, the chances of the information being incorrect are slim, and it is far more likely that this is an accurate and potentially massive error on the part of the webpage author.

With prominent and fan-favorite roles in Star Wars, DC, Game of Thrones, The Last of Us, and smaller roles in many other iconic franchises, Pascal saw the MCU as the next logical step, and fans are excited about it. In terms of experience and ability, the position would be in good hands. 

Fans can only hope that this solid casting decision foreshadows more good things to come, as Marvel’s bad luck with the Fantastic Four is nothing new, and the stakes are much higher now that the company’s first family has joined the highly successful but currently embattled MCU.

If one thing is certain, a large number of people will visit the SAG-AFTRA Foundation website.

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