Rick Ness’ Mystery, Rick’s Personal Struggles and “Gold Rush” Return Unveiled 

Rick Ness, renowned in the world of gold mining through the Discovery show “Gold Rush,” faced a profound personal challenge when his mother succumbed to cancer at the age of 55 in 2018.

The aftermath of this loss sent the Gold Rush star into a deep emotional tailspin, grappling with grief and struggling to find his footing in the months and years that followed.

In the world of “Gold Rush,” Rick Ness’s journey becomes a narrative of triumph over adversity, a poignant reminder that even in the pursuit of gold, the human experience remains intricate and deeply personal. 

In the 13th season of “Gold Rush,” Ness courageously addressed the emotional turmoil he was experiencing. Candidly, he shared his battle with depression, expressing the difficulty of pinpointing its causes. “I don’t have the foggiest idea what’s causing it,” he conceded in one episode.

The veteran gold miner acknowledged the complexity of understanding and dealing with mental health issues, particularly when navigating the demanding and competitive world of gold mining.

A Candid Conversation with PEOPLE Magazine

Days before the premiere of the new season, Rick Ness spoke openly about his mental health journey in an interview with PEOPLE Magazine. He acknowledged the unique challenges he faced as a gold miner, where seeking help might be stigmatized.

Ness, 42, revealed, “I’m a gold miner with the stigma there. I don’t actually look for help, you understand what I mean? I’ve always been that way.” His honesty shed light on the internal struggles he grappled with, attempting to navigate unfamiliar terrain in understanding and addressing his mental health.

The Decision to Take a Break

Faced with the complexities of his emotional well-being and the stresses of the gold mining business, Ness made a pivotal decision. He opted to take a year off from work, a bold move that involved largely disappearing from “Gold Rush.”

Rick Ness
Rick Ness

Such a hiatus in the fiercely competitive world of gold mining could potentially mean significant financial setbacks and the risk of falling behind competitors.

Rick Ness’s Struggle Unveiled

The new season of Gold Rush kicks off with an air of mystery, evident from the very first episode. The season premiere concludes with a pivotal scene where Zee, a cast member, attempts a welfare check on Rick Ness.

The suspense reaches its peak when Rick opens his home’s door, revealing himself to a visibly surprised Zee.

In the second episode, viewers gain further bits of knowledge about why Zee’s shock was justified. Rick, however rumpled, shares with Zee that he’s been dealing with a car in his garage and likes to talk there.

Concerned, Zee gets some information about Rick’s prosperity, provoking him to answer with a consolation that he’s “alright” and “still standing.”

At the point when squeezed about his absence from mining, Rick uncovers that he hasn’t felt like it of late. In a real-life second, Zee probes further, addressing whether Rick’s battle is physical or mental.

This prompts a vital disclosure: Rick Ness confesses to experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a type of wretchedness connected to seasonal changes.

In an uncommon showcase of receptiveness, Rick recognizes his fight with SAD, a condition set apart by burdensome episodes attached to explicit seasons.

He imparts to Zee that he has never managed depression, making it difficult for him to recognize the reason for his new emotional battles. The discussion takes a powerful turn when Zee tends to the death of Rick’s mom in 2020.

Rick uncovers that he actually claims his mom’s home, left unaltered since her passing, and he hasn’t visited it since. This disclosure divulges the layers of profound intricacy that add to Rick’s present status.

Zee urges Rick to focus on his psychological prosperity, asking him to look for a conclusion by visiting his mom’s home prior to getting back to mining.

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