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Who is Demi Lovato Dating? Love, Sobriety, and a Red Carpet Debut

Demi Lovato’s relationship with fiancé Jutes, real name Jordan Lutes, has sparked interest since their engagement, with the two artists sharing their sobriety journeys and mutual admiration.

The musician hails from Ottawa, Canada, and told Nuance Magazine that he studied film before discovering songwriting in Toronto. He signed with Capitol Records, but left two years later to pursue “his own independent artist goals.”

“I left because budgets were cut due to the Covid madness, and I guess they did not want to keep me and not provide me with the support I needed, which is very generous of them,” he said. “You constantly hear about labels shelving people or holding them without pushing them, and I can not tell you how relieved I am that it is not me… I would been wanting to go indie again for a while because I like having complete control over my career, so it worked out perfectly.”

Lovato and Jutes are both on sobriety journeys, which he has openly discussed on social media. In July, he tweeted about reaching 100 days sober.

“I was always afraid to try learning how to deal with my anxiety the right way,” he wrote. “It took a while to prepare, but I have never felt better mentally or emotionally. If you are dealing with a situation that seems to never end, remember that nothing lasts forever.

Who is Demi Lovato Dating
Demi Lovato and Jutes

People also got information from a source. “They joke, laugh, and discuss their shared personal problems and how they overcame them as young musicians,” the insider explained. “He is awestruck by her talent and extremely supportive.”

He described the collaboration on Instagram as “one of my favorite songs I have ever worked on.” “When I was asked to pull up and write for this Demi Lovato session, I had no idea what I was supposed to do. Only to find out she was working on one of the most difficult rock projects I would ever heard of… a crazy milestone for me, but I feel so blessed to be a part of something I am so passionate about.”

The couple was spotted on the red carpet during the official Grammys 2023 weekend.

The couple made their red carpet debut on Saturday, February 4, 2023, by arriving in style at Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy Gala in Los Angeles.

The singer wore a black strapless gown with a structured bodice and a ruffle down one thigh that revealed the white satin lining, a black clutch, and her pixie cut slicked back in a wet look. Lovato and Jute$ exchanged kisses in front of the cameras, looking very in love.

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