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The Scoop on Jim Gaffigan’s Prime Time Special & Walmart Wireless Debut

Actor and comedian Jim Gaffigan says, “Attention Walmart shoppers, here’s some straight talk for you,” in a commercial.

With this commercial, Straight Talk Wireless is introducing multiline family plans, or, as Gaffigan puts it, “saving money with your loved ones.”

The only places to get Verizon’s prepaid mobile brand, Straight Talk, are Walmart stores and their website.

While Ed O’Neill served as the brand’s off-camera voice for a number of years, Gaffigan’s appearance is the first time a celebrity has appeared on camera in an advertisement for Straight Talk Wireless.

And as Gaffigan moves through the Walmart aisles, engaging with shoppers, the jokes start flying in the new location. A week has passed since Gaffigan’s tenth standup special made its Prime Video debut.

It’s easy to take Jim Gaffigan for granted. His consistency can become boring, and his interests, food, and religion, tend not to draw headlines. 

Because of a signature bit, he has been labeled as either the Hot Pockets comic or the clean comic over the years. Even so, he is becoming a little better every year, overcoming new obstacles to suit his unassuming style.

Jim Gaffigan
Jim Gaffigan

His comedy has grown so skillful, varied, and pleasingly prickly that it warrants closer examination, as evidenced by his 10th special, “Dark Pale,” available on Prime Video.

He offers a harsh picture of our post-pandemic society by using his amiable father figure, which makes you chuckle at our harshness, haplessness, and illusions. 

The Gaffigans’ Humorous Chronicle

Jim Gaffigan is a genuine maestro in the world of humor and laughter, but every great comic has an equally amazing sidekick. 

Jeannie Gaffigan is not just the wife of the Grammy-nominated comedian but a force to be reckoned with in her own right. 

As we move into the life, career, and enduring love story of Jeannie, it becomes clear that she is more than just a comedic collaborator—she is a multifaceted talent, a resilient spirit, and a key player in the Gaffigan legacy of laughter and love.

Beyond their private lives, Jeannie and Jim were partners. Together, they made people laugh on TV with The Jim Gaffigan Show, a show on TV Land that was partially based on the antics of their family.

In addition to her work with Jim, Jeannie has made a big impact on the comedy industry. She was a key contributor to the development of The Jim Gaffigan Show and co-wrote the script for the animated series Pale Force.

They have weathered life’s storms with their unwavering love and laughter-filled marriage, which has made them an inspiration to many in the comedy industry. 

Jeannie’s life drastically changed in 2017 after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Jim took on the caregiver role as the couple confronted this challenge head-on.

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