What happened to Troy Bridges? His Journey Beyond Weather Forecasting at WKMG

Viewers’ hopes that Troy would make a comeback to News 6 after quitting without warning were shattered.

The WKMG Orlando website no longer lists him as a member of the team, and his replacement has already been revealed. I’ll talk more about that soon.

First, followers are reacting with dismay online, as there are few details behind the beloved morning man’s departure.

Indeed, the abrupt departure of Troy is confusing and upsetting to devoted local viewers. “My spouse and I used to watch you every morning,” a disappointed user wrote on Troy’s Instagram. “You made our day, and now you’re gone, right before we both left for work. It’s not the same, even though I adore Trooper Steve.

Who is Troy Bridges?

Troy Bridges, an American meteorologist, became well-known while working at WKMG, a CBS station in Orlando, Florida. He is certified by Mississippi State University and holds a degree in broadcast meteorology from the University of Georgia.

He has monitored the tropics, hunted tornadoes, and forecasted a variety of weather scenarios during his career.

Troy began his television career at Macon, Georgia’s WMAZ-TV. After that, he was employed by WRDW-TV in Augusta, Georgia, as a news anchor and meteorologist.

He has also covered tornado outbreaks, ice storms, and other extreme weather in Oklahoma City and Little Rock, Arkansas.

What happened to Troy Bridges?

Troy Bridges at WKMG Orlando, abruptly departed from the station, leaving viewers puzzled and disappointed. His biography was removed from the website, and the circumstances surrounding his departure remain unclear.

Despite speculation and reactions from followers, Troy Bridges has not officially commented on the situation. His current whereabouts and career plans are unknown at this time.

Many people are curious as to why Troy Bridges abruptly departed WKMG in Orlando, Florida. This unsubstantiated news has left many people perplexed.

What happened to Troy Bridges
Troy Bridges

Even though he’s a well-known meteorologist, no one knows for sure what exactly happened when he left the O-Town station.

According to a few reports, the channel deleted his biography from its website and deleted the ads that used to tell viewers they “had to watch Troy Bridges.” Troy Bridges has not yet made an official comment or confirmation of the incidents.

There is still a lot of secrecy around the incident, which has fans and followers curious to know more about this surprising turn in his career.

Troy Bridges, where are you now?

Following his announcement of leaving WKMG, there is now a dearth of precise information regarding Troy Bridges’ present whereabouts and professional commitments. I’m not sure if he moved to a new position at another TV station or chose to look into other options for his career outside of broadcasting.

The well-known meteorologist Troy Bridges has not yet disclosed his post-WKMG job aspirations. Those who have attentively watched his career are curious about this lack of information.

Career of Meteorologist Troy Bridges

As a meteorologist, Troy Bridges has established a prosperous career by demonstrating a strong dedication to reporting on severe and frequently unpredictable weather phenomena.

He started laying the groundwork for his meteorological expertise at WMAZ-TV in Macon, Georgia, where his career in the profession started.

After that, he relocated to Augusta, Georgia’s WRDW-TV, where he started working as a news anchor in addition to his position as a meteorologist.

During this time, Troy honed his meteorological reporting skills and demonstrated his dedication to giving accurate and timely forecasts.

Troy continued his work as a meteorologist by traveling to places like Oklahoma City and Little Rock, Arkansas, where he encountered some of the most extreme meteorological conditions in the country.

He gained notoriety for his work in these areas, especially for his reporting on ice storms and tornado outbreaks, which frequently left affected populations dealing with the fallout.

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  1. I really enjoyed seeing and listening to Troy Bridges on Channel 6 morning news, and I’m sorry he left. Wherever he is, I wish him the best!


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