What happened to Jake from State Farm?

What happened to the original Jake from State Farm, who appears in the commercials, is an often-asked question.

Fans have undoubtedly noticed that the newest State Farm face, who goes by the name “Jake,” is a very different man.

It turns out that the original Jake, whose true name is Jake, was a real State Farm employee.

Jake Stone allegedly responded to a State Farm casting call while he was a representative for the company’s insurance division. 

In the end, he got the part delivered to those famous two lines, and the rest is history.

Kevin Miles (Source: Instagram)

Jake’s job with State Farm is obviously history now that the new spokesperson for the company has taken his place in all of the media.

State Farm’s successful campaign

Since the previous Jake was so well-liked, so when he was replaced, it wasn’t appreciated by many people.

However, the new Jake from State Farm advertising is still progressing despite this.

As part of the extended role indicated above, Kevin Miles has now appeared as Jake in numerous ads, most of which were recorded over Zoom due to the epidemic. 

Significant occasions have been like the current Super Bowl commercial for State Farm. 

What happened to Jake from State Farm?

Jake obtained a different position. Jake worked as a bartender while representing State Farm and appearing in their advertisements. 

The 26-year-old was living life and working two jobs at the time. In response to his brief moment of popularity, he said, “I’m just putting on my khakis, one leg at a time.”

Jake was an insurance agent for State Farm, but by the time someone located him for an interview, he had left the company.

He continued serving customers as a bartender while working as a seasonal city employee in a nearby town.

Nevertheless, when the new Jake appeared, fans got to see the old Jake once more; the two even spoke to one another.

Jake’s only dialogue was, of course, “Uh, yeah,” but it was amusing enough to evoke fond memories in viewers. 

Kevin Miles plays the new Jake.

So, does Jake from State Farm exist in real life? No longer. Kevin Miles is the actor who now portrays Jake from State Farm. But don’t worry; he’s a pro and invested much in the work. 

What happened to Jake from State Farm
Jake from State Farm (Source: Instagram)

The problem is that he is a real actor, whereas the first Jake worked for State Farm.

He may, however, be one of those performers who gets their start in the business thanks to TV ads as he is relatively new to Hollywood.

The new guy has taken on the position wholeheartedly, saying in an interview that he’s eager to see how far he can develop Jake’s persona.

And it appears like State Farm is fully open to including Jake from State Farm in one significant global branding initiative.

The original Jake from State Farm 

In 2011, the originall Jake from State Farm advertisement aired. It was a commercial with sincere comedy.

However, as Jordan Fraser of Medium explains, the first Jake from State Farm wasn’t a trained actor. Jake Stone, a real-life State Farm employee, played the part.

Stone won an internal casting competition to get the customer service agent job.

Although he was essentially portraying himself, he ended up being the ideal counterbalance to the hysteria on the other end of the line. 

Jake from State Farm departed right away. The idea was original and well-realized. Although the State Farm auto insurance advertisement didn’t feel like a sales pitch, it undoubtedly improved its online reputation. 

Jake’s popularity caused State Farm to invest heavily. They adopted Jake as their mascot, giving him his Twitter account and a prominent spot on their website.

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