Tom Segura Come Together Tour – A Global Comedy Celebration

The first leg of comedian Tom Segura’s new worldwide stand-up comedy tour, titled Tom Segura: Come Together, has been announced.

Segura declared This tour is bigger and blacker than anything I have ever done. Even though that name has already been taken, the message is still conveyed by “Come Together.” 

Come together for a night, all of us. We are going to create memories on this one, whether we like it or not. The well-known comedian and podcaster recently wrapped up his sell-out 300-show and venue I am Coming Everywhere world tour. 

His eagerly awaited new comedy hour is making stops in over 40 cities. 

The first leg of the tour will begin on December 30 in Honolulu, Hawaii, and will travel through Asia and North America until May 4, 2024, when it will stop at Cincinnati, Ohio’s Heritage Bank Center, Segura’s hometown. 

In the upcoming year, it is expected that more than 100 more shows will be announced. Tom Segura talked about his show on X:

The dream of Tom Segura’s “I am Coming Everywhere” world tour has finally come true, having played to over 700,000 fans over the course of a 21-month run.

The comedian Tom Segura admits in the first trailer for his upcoming special Sledgehammer—which launches globally on Netflix on July 4—that he was extremely excited to call 911. 

Have you ever waited for a call and thought, Finally! A decent one! Is this not the real reason we play the game? carries on Segura in a tale that loyal followers will recognize.

Tom Segura
Tom Segura

When I call and the operator says, “911,” I get so excited that I yell, Get! F***ing. All set. Are you in need of paramedics, firefighters, or police? he asks. Say, Paramedic! Forward them all.

Discover the Multi-Talented Segura 

Ball Hog (2020), Disgraceful (2018), Mostly Stories (2016), and Completely Normal (2014) are his previous streamer specials. 

Recorded live at The Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, AZ, to an entirely packed house, Sledgehammer marks Segura’s first of two specials that will come out of a 2022 Netflix deal. 

Tom Segura shares the procedure to buy tickets for his show on Instagram: 

With a special directed by Ryan Polito, the comedian Tom wrapped up his 21-month I Am Coming Everywhere world tour, which saw him perform in front of over 700,000 fans. 

In it, he talks about his admiration for Brad Pitt, parenting two sons, and the lessons he learned from sharing his gummies with his mother.

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