The Undertaker’s Fashion Mishap in ’93 WWE Survivor Series

The Undertaker, known for his mysterious demeanor and famous ring antics, remembers a time when not even the Deadman could pull off his wardrobe.

In a reveal that raised eyebrows at the ’93 Survivor Series, he sported an unexpected patriotic flair—courtesy of a colonial American flag lining his trench coat.

Now, one might picture the Lord of Darkness floating through smoke and tombstones, not draped in stars and stripes. As The Undertaker spills the beans on this fashion faux pas, it’s revealed he wasn’t exactly thrilled about the sartorial surprise.

Reflecting on his past ‘American Badass’ persona, Calaway confessed to Sports Illustrated, “In retrospect, now, I’m very proud of that run as The American Badass.” However, he confesses that in ’93, adding the flag wasn’t exactly what the Reaper ordered.

Apparently, this clash of styles brewed some friction between the Phenom and the boss himself, Mr. McMahon.

The Undertaker

There was a showdown of opinions where even Vince tried to sell the idea by invoking Betsy Ross. But let’s face it, even historical references couldn’t smooth things over for the ominous wrestler.

The Deadman, then not known for his outspoken fashion advice, found himself in a conundrum.

Despite his reservations, he admitted, “That just wasn’t The Undertaker back then. I just didn’t have the juice to say no.” Yes, even the guy who takes souls for a living sometimes couldn’t stand up against the power of a wardrobe decision.

Ironically, throughout his remarkable three-decade career, The Undertaker grew into one of the select few who dared to stare down Vince McMahon and speak his mind. Yet, when it came to the All-Americans outfit, even the mighty Deadman found himself at a loss for words. Talk about a fashion fright in the squared circle!

But fear not, faithful fans. This wasn’t the death knell for The Undertaker’s assertiveness.

As his career evolved, so did his confidence to pitch ideas. Sure, he might’ve choked when it came to altering the American Badass persona, but later in his tenure, he became the fearless icon who wasn’t afraid to stand tall against any storyline, no matter how daunting.

In the wild world of wrestling, even the Undertaker had a fashion faceoff with the man upstairs (since, not the Undertaker upstairs!).

It’s a testament to how everyone, even a living legend, has a fashion ‘graveyard’ in their closet. And let’s be honest, while the trench coat lining might not have been his cup of tea, The Undertaker remained a true icon in the annals of wrestling history.

So, the lesson here? Even the Undertaker has a fashion horror story or two buried away. But despite the misstep in wardrobe choices, he rose from the ashes and continued to be the cornerstone of the WWE, proving that even when fashion fails, legends are made.

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