Thanos – The Grapevine Whispers and the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Multiversal Destruction

In the cosmic aftermath of Avengers: Endgame, where the Avengers dethroned and dusted the formidable Thanos, fans have been yearning for a glimpse of the Mad Titan’s return.

Now, as we stand five years into a Thanos-less MCU, the grapevine has been buzzing with tantalizing whispers that might just herald his cosmic comeback.

Phase Shift – From Infinity to Multiverse

The Marvel Cinematic Universe saw a major change, moving from Phase 3 to Phase 5, and from the Infinity War to the Multiversal Saga.

But not every MCU film has touched the same cord with viewers as Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ martial arts extravaganza, Spider-Man: No Way Home’s cosmic symphony, or Loki’s charming playful behavior. 

Will Thanos be back?

Yes, Thanos will be back. Let us introduce you to Josh Brolin, the guy behind the grunts and cosmic dreams of the Mad Titan.


During an interview with Comicbook, Brolin confirmed the rumors that suggested Thanos would make a comeback. “You know, I hear kind of like through the grapevine, that they’re gonna bring him back,” he reveals. 

The Most Killed Marvel Villain

One intriguing tidbit that emerges from Brolin’s grapevine snippets is that Thanos holds the dubious title of being the most killed Marvel villain.

If death is but a temporary inconvenience in the MCU, then hope springs eternal for fans yearning to witness the iconic snap once more. Now, how can Kevin Feige and his creative team reintroduce Thanos into the multiverse without reducing the importance of his previous failures needs to be seen.

Assembling the MCU Puzzle

The difficulty can be seen in the way the MCU films and television series currently look disjointed and lack unity to tie them together for a possible Avengers 5 film.

With its limitless potential, the multiverse needs direction to make sure that Thanos’s return is more than just a story device but causes massive chaos in the MCU. Feige and his group must put the puzzle pieces together to create a narrative masterpiece.

March 15, 2024

For Brolin fans, the release of A Date with Destiny Dune 2 that day acts like a date marker. It provides a break from the destruction of the universe and gives the prophet a chance to see a different, but interesting character.

While audiences enjoy the beauty of Dune, one unanswered question remains: Will the mad Titan, Thanos, proudly return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, changing the course of history for Earth’s superheroes again?

Word is still circulating in the still-developing Marvel Universe, and fans are still waiting for a big announcement that Thanos will return.

The MCU is definitely up for craziness, laughs, and multi-directional adventures, whether from the shadows of multiple universes or still inspired by the past.

As the saying goes, “Figs we believe” and the vines will chatter happily until the next cosmic chapter appears.

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