Property Brothers and Anna Faris put their heads together for a kitchen makeover!

Imagine having a friend like Anna Faris who not only slays on screen but also knows her way around a hammer! In this heartwarming tale straight out of a Hollywood script, the ‘Scary Movie’ star pulls off a jaw-dropping surprise for her bestie of 24 years, Amanda.

Spoiler alert: It involves a major kitchen overhaul that could make Gordon Ramsay shed a tear of joy.

Anna spills the beans about Amanda’s magnanimous nature, especially with her wallet—wait, did someone say financially generous? Yes, folks, Amanda’s generosity knows no bounds. But instead of splurging on her own digs, she puts her pals first, citing Anna Faris and her heartfelt mission to show her appreciation.

The Epic Kitchen Transformation

Picture this: a cramped, sorry excuse for a kitchen where even a small family dinner feels like a culinary wrestling match.

Anna teams up with the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, to give Amanda’s Los Angeles kitchen the makeover it desperately deserves. This wasn’t just a makeover; it was a rescue mission for a space that’d seen better days.

The ‘House Bunny’ actress and the Scott brothers didn’t just wave a magic wand and say, “Presto, change!” Oh no, this was a journey filled with surprises.

From cabinets losing their hinges to a range that could light up a bonfire (not in a good way), the team had their work cut out.

Property Brothers and Anna Faris
Property Brothers and Anna Faris

Add in some unexpected hurdles with previous renovations, and you’ve got yourself a spicy recipe for a delay. But fear not, dear readers, for the result was worth the sweat and setbacks.

The Dream Kitchen Unveiled

Fast forward six weeks of blood, sweat, and possibly a few tears, and voilà! The kitchen is reborn, shining like a diamond. Countertops for days, storage galore, and enough seating to host a royal banquet—this kitchen now screams, “Come on in and let’s party!”

But wait, there’s more! Anna and the Scott brothers went into full secret-agent mode and gifted Amanda a hidden bar behind a mural-covered door. Shhh, it’s like a speakeasy, but with better snacks.

Checkerboard floors for a touch of whimsy, a range hood that’s so fancy it might just outshine the chef, and countertops that could make any foodie swoon—this kitchen is now the MVP of entertaining spaces.

Love, Friendship, and a Kitchen Makeover

As the curtains draw on this HGTV-worthy spectacle, Anna Faris beams with pride and love. This kitchen makeover wasn’t just about cabinets and countertops; it was a symbol of a friendship that has stood the test of time.

It’s like Anna whispered, “Hey, Amanda, this kitchen is my way of saying, ‘I love you 24 years’ worth.'”

So, folks, let’s raise a toast to friendship, generosity, and kitchens that turn houses into homes.

Anna Faris and the Property Brothers may have wielded the tools, but the real magic was in the bond between two friends who know that a good kitchen is the heart of every home—especially when it’s a surprise from the heart. Cheers!

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