Lifetime’s ‘A Cowboy Christmas Romance’ Introduces First-Ever Steamy Scene to Holiday Film Lineup

Lifetime, known for its holiday-themed movies, is taking a bold step with “A Cowboy Christmas Romance.” Premiering on December 9, the film promises to be groundbreaking as it introduces a sex scene, a first for Lifetime’s festive lineup.

Star Jana Kramer, who revealed this on her Whine Down podcast, shared details about the movie’s unique angle, including a passionate scene set on a hay stack.

“A Cowboy Christmas Romance” breaks the traditional mold of holiday movies by incorporating a sex scene, challenging the usual family-friendly narrative.

Jana Kramer, the lead actress, hinted at a steamy encounter with co-star Adam Senn, emphasizing that while it pushes limits, it remains suitable for a Lifetime audience.

Written by Sarah Drew, known for her role as April Kepner on Grey’s Anatomy, the movie revolves around Kramer’s character, Lexie Crenshaw, a successful real estate professional.

Lexie reluctantly returns to her Arizona hometown with the mission to convince a rancher, played by Adam Senn, to part with his land.

The storyline takes an unexpected turn with a romantic encounter that promises to add a new dimension to the typical Christmas movie narrative.

Defending the Passionate Moments

Sarah Drew, who penned the script, defended the inclusion of more passionate scenes in the movie. On Jana Kramer’s podcast, she expressed her intention to keep the steam and sensuality in the storyline.

A Cowboy Christmas Romance (Credit: Lifetime)

Despite the unconventional approach for a holiday film, Drew emphasized the importance of embracing a more mature and grown-up form of romance.

To the surprise of both Kramer and Drew, Lifetime, known for its more conservative content, fully embraced the edgier aspects of “A Cowboy Christmas Romance.”

The network opted not to cut any scenes, leaving only the passionate moments that push the boundaries of traditional holiday movie content.

Kramer expressed her happiness and appreciation for Lifetime’s willingness to navigate new territory.

Adding to the uniqueness of the film, Jana Kramer was pregnant during its filming. This raised questions about how to navigate certain scenes, given her changing physical condition.

Kramer, however, commended the movie’s production team for their creativity and movie magic, ensuring a seamless integration of her pregnancy into the storyline.

Tia Maggini, Lifetime’s senior vice president of scripted content, shared insights into the network’s decision to venture into more mature and passionate themes for a holiday movie.

In a statement to Variety, Maggini acknowledged an audience craving grown-up romance during the festive season.

The network sees this as an opportunity to provide a unique experience, infusing some “smolder” into the usual holiday sugar and spice.

“A Cowboy Christmas Romance” marks a significant departure from the typical holiday movie formula, as Lifetime introduces a sex scene for the first time in its festive lineup.

Jana Kramer and Sarah Drew, the star and writer, respectively, discussed the movie’s unconventional aspects on Kramer’s podcast, emphasizing the deliberate inclusion of passionate moments to add depth to the narrative.

Lifetime’s unexpected acceptance of this departure from tradition reflects a willingness to explore new territory and cater to an audience seeking more mature romance during the holiday season.

As the film premieres on December 9, it remains to be seen how viewers will respond to this bold and innovative approach to the Christmas movie genre.

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