Is Henry Cavill Slated to Play Doctor Doom in ‘The Fantastic Four’?

The Marvel rumor mill is spinning faster than Quicksilver! In a twist worthy of a superhero plotline, the internet exploded with speculation about Henry Cavill’s possible role in ‘The Fantastic Four.’

But before we put on our invisible shields and flex our gamma-powered muscles, let us take a look at the rumors surrounding Cavill’s alleged casting as the iconic Doctor Doom. 

Silver Surfer, Galactus, and even H.E.R.B.I.E. will be reimagined in the MCU with A-list talent involved.

Doctor Doom, however, maybe the most important character for Marvel Studios to nail. With no disrespect to Julian McMahon or Toby Kebbel, Fox failed to capture the brilliance of one of the comic books’ greatest felons. So whoever is hired for the job must be perfect.

Former supervillains Cillian Murphy and Mads Mikkelsen have been mentioned in the past, but perhaps what Marvel needs to do to bring Doom back to life is reflect on how he believes he is the hero of the story and cast a former superhero.

When a rogue tweet went viral over the weekend, claiming that Henry Cavill had been cast as Doom in The Fantastic Four, Marvel fans could have flown high.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

With Variety cited as a source, the news appeared to be authentic! However, many people quickly realized that it was all a prank, and X (formerly Twitter) eventually added a context warning to the tweet informing users that it was “fake news.” Sorry, but Cavill has not been announced as the MCU’s Victor Von Doom. Perhaps there is a good reason for that…

Following the debunking of the bogus claim, self-styled scooper MyTimeToShineHello claimed that Cavill will not be playing Doctor Doom because he has secretly signed on with Marvel to play another unknown role. “He was offered something different, which he accepted.”

The rumor-rouser did not provide any additional details, but when another user accused them of “lying,” MTTSH responded, “You will find that I am not, sooner than you think.”

As a result, no sooner had one rumor about Cavill joining the MCU been debunked than another one surfaced. The big hope now is that The Witcher actor has swapped Superman for Captain Britain, a character fans have wanted him to play on screen for years (as evidenced by the reams of fan art out there).

So, while it is not Doom’s day just yet, it is not the end of the world for the Cavill clan, as there is a (very) slim chance his time to team up with the Avengers will arrive. To misquote Russell Crowe in Man of Steel, he may eventually join them in the sun.

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