Chrishell Stause, Feud With Nicole Young in ‘Selling Sunset’ Season 7

Chrishell Stause, the well-known actress and star of Netflix’s smash series “Selling Sunset,” has been actively connecting with her fanbase as the show’s new season begins.

Stause commended her followers’ passion and devotion to binge-watching the series in a recent Instagram post, hoping to make the second season a huge success. 

She made fun of her admirers, contrasting her delight at their devotion to her ability to recollect key narrative aspects from the program. Stause’s tweet not only expresses her gratitude to her admirers but also demonstrates the extraordinary influence “Selling Sunset” has had on its viewers. 

The series continues to fascinate spectators with its fascinating drama, high-end real estate, and captivating characters, and Stause’s involvement with her fans highlights the deep connection between the cast and viewers.

As viewers anxiously comment on the episodes they’re presently watching and share their opinions on the show, the hype around “Selling Sunset” season 5 is undeniably reaching new heights, guaranteeing another exceptional season for the real estate reality series. 

Chrishell Stause and Nicole Young’s Feud: 

Chrishell Stause and her co-star Nicole Young found themselves in yet another fight in the new season of Netflix’s reality series “Selling Sunset,” adding to the show’s continuous turmoil.

The series’ principal character, Jason Oppenheim, the founder of the Oppenheim Group, regarded the situation as “awkward and difficult” to manage. 

Chrishell Stause and Nicole Young
Chrishell Stause and Nicole Young

He linked it to Stause’s earlier feud with his ex, Marie-Lou Nurk, which is also portrayed in the upcoming season. Oppenheim constantly deals with interpersonal issues as the leader of a team of 75 agents and a cast member of two reality programs, making it a difficult facet of his job. 

Despite the turmoil, he emphasized his concern for Nicole and Chrishell, emphasizing the unique dynamics of their job and personal lives as they entwined in the worlds of luxury real estate and reality television.

The tensions and conflicts between Chrishell Stause and her co-star Nicole Young, as depicted in the latest season of “Selling Sunset,” began in Season 6 when Young, a long-time O Group agent who had recently joined the show, accused Stause of taking credit for two of her listings from three years prior. 

Jason Oppenheim, the founder of the Oppenheim Group and a pivotal protagonist in the series, acknowledged that resolving these tensions is a hard and delicate process, especially when they involve individuals he loves strongly.

He emphasized his strategy of speaking personally with Stause and Young, expressing his love and support for them. 

Oppenheim has learned not to get too involved in settling problems among cast members, realizing that it’s often best to let things play out and lend a listening ear than to attempt to impose answers.

In the new season, Stause’s friend Emma Hernan challenges Young for labeling her as a social climber during Chelsea Lazkani’s 30th birthday party, resulting in a fierce verbal brawl between Stause and Young. 

Stause vs. Young: Selling Sunset Season 7 Drama

Chrishell Stause, a significant protagonist in the reality program “Selling Sunset,” has become recognized for her powerful presence on the show and her engagement in the dramatic dynamics of luxury real estate and personal relationships, making her one of the series’ central figures.

Her encounters with fellow cast members and co-stars have regularly provided fans of the program with both amusement and drama. 

Oppenheim sends Young to work on Stause’s property listing in a later episode of the new season as Stause recovers from ovarian cyst surgery.

During a discussion, Stause tries to reach out to an olive branch by expressing her wish to move on from the dispute that occurred at a recent event. 

She admits her role in the “ugly” and “gross” confrontation, apologizing for dragging things to a “dirty place.” She is, however, irritated by Young’s lack of accountability for her conduct throughout the encounter.

The persistent conflict between Stause and Young offers ongoing drama for the program, according to Jason Oppenheim, who notes that the new season uncovers varied dynamics among the agents, giving additional interest to the series, which is currently in its seventh season. 

The conflicts and disagreements amongst cast members have become an important part of “Selling Sunset,” catching the audience’s attention and contributing to the show’s popularity on Netflix. 

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