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Sara Bareilles and Sarah Ruhl to Transform Bestseller ‘The Interestings’ into a Broadway Musical Extravaganza!

Prepare to be mesmerized and enthralled as the gifted team of Sara Bareilles and Sarah Ruhl collaborate to infuse Meg Wolitzer’s well-loved book, “The Interestings,” with song.

This Broadway dream team is getting ready to provide an incredible theatrical experience, with Sara Bareilles writing the songs that will make your heart sing and Sarah Ruhl writing the captivating narrative.

The soul-stirring tunes of “Waitress” are the work of Bareilles, the musical artist eager to weave her skill into Wolitzer’s narrative tapestry. “I wrote the first song for ‘The Interestings’ before I even finished the book,” Bareilles admitted in an ecstatic statement. I have fallen in love…with a bunch of individuals, to paraphrase one of our primary characters.” Get ready for a very moving experience accompanied by Sara’s exquisite music.

Sara Bareilles and Sarah Ruhl
Sara Bareilles and Sarah Ruhl

Bareilles is no stranger to winning hearts with her work, she is a two-time Grammy winner as well as a Tony and Emmy candidate. She has become engrossed in Wolitzer’s book, which Bareilles describes as a “extraordinary creation.” The Broadway air already resounds with the music of triumph.

‘The Interestings’

Inspired by their common goal of leading creative and inspirational lives, six teens at a 1970s summer camp create an unbreakable relationship that is depicted in Meg Wolitzer’s novel in great detail.

The bond is still strong decades later, on the busy streets of New York City, but life has taken its toll.

“The Interestings” delves into the intricacies of friendship, love, jealousy, class, art, wealth, and power, examining how these factors might influence destiny.

Wolitzer’s story will be brought to life on Broadway by Sarah Ruhl, the creative force behind Pulitzer contenders like “In the Next Room, or the vibrator play.”

As “a hymn to yearning and being alive,” according to Ruhl, the book addresses some of the most important issues of life, including value, sustaining friendships, and self-discovery.

“To see and hear Sara’s and Sarah’s interpretation of my novel onstage will be an absolute joy, a novelist’s dream,” said Meg Wolitzer, who is ecstatic about this musical adaptation. Passionate fans of Broadway are eagerly awaiting the premiere of this enthralling production.

Watch this space for further creative insights and production specifics as the final curtain rises; they will surely make this cooperation a memorable one.

“The Interestings” is more than simply a musical; it’s a Broadway production in the making that will live on in theatergoers’ hearts for many years to come. Stage right, because Sara Squared is about to take center stage!

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