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Comedian Matt Rife’s Netflix special sparks backlash with a controversial joke, leaving fans outraged

Matt Rife’s Netflix special might’ve aimed for laughs, but it’s catching more heat than applause. His journey from internet fame to sold-out shows across continents sounds like a comedy dream, but his latest act on stage has fans hitting pause on the applause.

With a Netflix deal in his pocket, Rife’s “Natural Selection” was poised to be a comedic knockout.

Rife teased a mix of the absurd and the profound, promising a rollercoaster ride through his most entertaining hour yet. But what started as an eagerly anticipated laugh-a-thon took a tumble into controversy-ville.

The special kicked off with a joke about domestic violence, a tone-deaf choice that didn’t go down well with the crowd. Fans didn’t just clear their throats; they raised a chorus of disapproval.

Social media platforms lit up with fans calling foul on Rife’s comedic compass, deeming his material not just off-color but completely off-key.

Rife’s response didn’t exactly soothe the burn. His attempt at an apology landed like a punchline gone awry.

Redirecting fans to an “apology” that led to a website selling special needs helmets? The audience wasn’t ready for a punchline at their expense, and the reaction was less laughter, and more outrage.

But this isn’t Rife’s first rodeo in the ring of controversy. The comedian’s dating life was once tabloid fodder. After parting ways with Kate Beckinsale, he had some choice words for Pete Davidson, the next guy in line. Not exactly a poster boy for tact and diplomacy.

And then there’s his unfiltered commentary on a podcast that stirred the pot yet again. Making quips about women’s anatomy that would make most people wince wasn’t the best move for a guy already under scrutiny.

Despite the storm of criticism raining down on him, Rife isn’t fazed. In his own words, “everyone’s feelings are always hurt all the time, and I just don’t have it in me to care anymore.” It’s a bold stance for someone living in the spotlight, especially when that light isn’t always flattering.

Matt Rife
Matt Rife

For a comedian whose jokes are meant to land, Rife’s material seems to miss the mark more often than not. Fans expecting a belly laugh got a bit of a gut punch instead.

It remains to be seen if Rife’s brand of comedy will make a comeback or if this controversy will leave a lasting stain on his spotlight.

Whether Matt Rife’s career can bounce back from this controversy remains uncertain. But if there’s one thing clear, it’s that when it comes to humor, the line between a hit and a miss can be razor-thin.

For now, the laughs have turned into groans, and Rife’s comedic future might need a rewrite.

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