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Benidorm Mourns as Provocative Icon Sticky Vicky Takes Her Last Curtain Call at 80

Benidorm’s legendary performer, Sticky Vicky, known for her risqué magic shows, has passed away at the age of 80. Born Victoria María Aragüés Gadea, she gained fame in the Spanish holiday town with her unique and controversial routines.

Her daughter shared the heartbreaking news on Facebook, expressing the family’s grief and the loss of the iconic entertainer.

Initially trained as a ballet performer, Vicky moved to Benidorm during the 1980s, where she set out on a vocation that would make her a local legend.

She progressed from expressive dance to a whimsical type of entertainment, making a nude magic show that charmed crowds, especially English tourists visiting the Costa Blanca resort.

Sticky Vicky X-rated Magic Shows

Sticky Vicky’s performances were known for their explicit content, including her pulling different things, including ping pong balls and extremely sharp blades, from unconventional spots.

Her daring and provocative schedules turned into a staple in Benidorm’s entertainment scene, and she acquired ignominy for her nervy stage presence.

For a really long time, Sticky Vicky engaged crowds with her X-rated magic shows, performing six times each evening, six evenings every week, at the level of her profession.

Her obligation to her specialty and her capacity to push limits set her status as a local icon in the Spanish holiday town.

Following a noteworthy 30-year profession, Sticky Vicky resigned in 2015. Be that as it may, her post-retirement years were not without challenges.

In July, she confronted medical problems, including a hospitalization because of knee wounds sustained while entering her car.

Sticky Vicky
Sticky Vicky

In spite of her initial release, she got back to the hospital, confronting the prospect of long stretches of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Sticky Vicky had a devoted fan base, with allies communicating profound respect for her solidarity and life span through the entertainment industry.

Deeply rooted fans, for example, Margaret Martin from Cardiff, sent messages of support during her health battles, recalling many years of pleasure watching her shows in Benidorm.

Nonetheless, not every person valued Sticky Vicky’s performances. In her later years, she confronted criticism from people who accepted she ought to have retired earlier.

One guest to Benidorm, sharing an encounter in an expat forum, portrayed being intellectually scarred by her demonstration, featuring the disruptive nature of her performances.

Cause of Death

Sticky Vicky passed on November 29, 2023. Not an exact reason has been uncovered for Sticky Vicky’s demise. According to the news, it seems that her demise wasn’t something that came as a shock.

She was ill for a long time; that could be the explanation for her passing, but what befell her was never revealed. She was diagnosed with uterine cancer when she retired at 72 years of age.

Sticky Vicky’s legacy in Benidorm stretches beyond the controversy encompassing her performances. She turned into an image of the town’s dynamic and diverse entertainment scene, making a permanent imprint on the cultural scene.

Her commitments to the local tourism industry and the memories made for endless guests will be recalled by the people who encountered her shows.

The death of Sticky Vicky imprints the conclusion of a significant time period in Benidorm’s entertainment history. Her life and vocation were portrayed with intensity, controversy, and a commitment to engaging crowds.

Whether lauded or condemned, her effect on the local culture and tourism industry is irrefutable.

As Benidorm grieves the loss of its notable entertainer, Sticky Vicky’s legacy will live on in the memories of the people who saw her extraordinary and limit-pushing performances.

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