What happened to Sue Aikens Granddaughter? The Legacy of Drew McClurg

Popular TV host, producer, and businesswoman Sue Aikens.

She plays the lead role in the National Geographic Channel documentary TV series Life Below Zero, which documents her life in the wilderness.

Aikens has a sizable global following that admires her sense of adventure. 

We will talk about what has happened to her devoted granddaughter in this article.

Many people are inspired by her extraordinary courage, perseverance, determination, and survival skills that she displayed in the Alaskan jungle.

She has endured attacks from wild animals and the worst weather, but neither of these things have stopped her from engaging in her adventurous activities. 

Where is Sue Aiken’s residence?

Between the late 1960s and the early 1970s, Sue Aikens’ parents separated.

Sue Aikens (Source: Instagram)

Palatine, Illinois, was their final residence before she started hopping from place to place. 

How much does Sue earn per episode?

Sue Aikens has an estimated $4,500 in earnings per episode and a net worth of $500,000.

Full NameSue Aikens
Age60 Years
Height5′ 5″
Net Worth$500,000
Social MediaInstagram

She is one of the highest-paid actors on the Life Below Zero show thanks to her impressive pay rate.

The personal life of Aikens

Sue was married to her second husband for 17 years after her first husband, who had brain cancer, passed away.

They split before he died in 2004. Their two adult children have families. 

Sue Aikens Selfie (Source: Instagram)

Michael Heinrich and Sue Aikens have a distance relationship. He was born and raised in New York and currently works as a journeyman electrician in Flushing.  

Where is Sue, and what does she do for a living?

Her boyfriend resides in New York, and she is located in a remote area of Alaska, nearly 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle. 

While filming the Life Below Zero show in Alaska, she manages her Kavik River Camp.

Is Aikens dead?

The reports of her death are untrue, though. Sue is still alive. A bear attacked her while she was at a remote Kavik plane refueling station.

Sue’s hips sustained bit marks on her skull as a result of being forced out of their sockets. 

Ten days after the attack, the Life Below Zero TV star was discovered.

Before medical assistance arrived, she went back to kill the bear while lying in her cabin, tending to her injuries. Her extraordinary bravery and strength are demonstrated by the close call. 

Who was Drew Mcclurg?

Drew McClurg is a woman whose identity and most aspects of her life are kept secret and not made public.

However, because of their connection to Sue Aikens, a celebrity known for her appearances on the National Geographic series “Life Below Zero,” Drew McClurg gained notoriety and became a subject of public interest. 

Drew McClurg was mentioned when Sue Aikens paid tribute to her deceased granddaughter in the “Life Below Zero” episode “Auroras.”

It was a heartwarming moment in the episode when Sue Aikens remembered and honored the loved ones she had lost in her life, including Drew McClurg.

Although Drew McClurg’s life, career, or background are not known to the general public, their name and legacy are intertwined with Sue Aikens’ personal journey and experiences in the aforementioned television episode to tell a larger narrative.

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What happened to Sue Aikens Granddaughter?

When Drew McClurg passed away in 2023, Sue Aikens, a film producer and television personality, had a profound and extremely emotional moment.

Drew McClurg, Sue Aikens’ granddaughter, was without a doubt loved and cherished by her family.

What happened to Sue Aikens Granddaughter
What happened to Sue Aikens Granddaughter? (Source: Instagram)

When Sue Aikens talked about her love and devotion for her family, she made sure to highlight the unique relationship she had with her kids and granddaughter, Drew McClurg.

Where is Sue, and what does she do for a living?

She is in a remote area of Alaska, nearly 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle, and her boyfriend lives in New York. 

She runs her Kavik River Camp while she is in Alaska filming the Life Below Zero show.

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