SZA Reigns Supreme – Night of Wins, Performances, and Grammy Nods at the 2023 BET Soul Train Awards

The 2023 Soul Train Awards? Oh, it was a groovy fiesta, and guess who owned the dance floor? None other than the soulful songstress SZA, bagging trophies like she was on a shopping spree!

With Keke Palmer as the ringmaster of this spectacular show, the stage was set for pure entertainment magic, celebrating the crème de la crème of the entertainment galaxy.

SZA? She wasn’t just a star; she was the whole cosmic constellation! Snatching four awards left, right, and center, she left the audience dizzy with her talent.

‘SOS’ swooped in for Album of the Year, while ‘Snooze’ rocked the house, scoring Song of the Year and The Ashford and Simpson Songwriter’s Award. The message? SZA’s lyrics aren’t just notes; they’re a musical universe!

Usher? He strutted in, snatching three awards like they were low-hanging fruit. Best R&B/Soul Male Artist? Certified. Best Collaboration for “Good Good” with Summer Walker and 21 Savage? Nailed it! Usher’s reign in R&B? Timeless, baby!

Victoria Monet? She danced her way into our hearts, seizing Best Dance Performance and Video of the Year for “On My Mama.” Moves so smooth, they’re like butter on hot toast!


Janelle Monae brought her soulful elegance, taking home the Spirit of Soul Award, while T-Pain, not only dropping beats but wisdom bombs too, scored the Legend Award, dishing out advice hotter than his beats!

Performances? Let’s just say, they turned the stage into a musical buffet! Fridayy brought the heat, SWV infused soulful vibes, and the night was a symphony of talent and rhythm!

As for SZA’s Grammy nods? Nine nominations had her feeling “very shook” and “overpowered.” Hey, cut her some slack; expressing gratitude for that many Grammy nods isn’t a walk in the park!

“Kill Bill” from her “SOS” album? A record-smashing contender for Record of the Year! SZA’s got one Grammy in her pocket, but she’s riding the wave to Grammy-town with her incredible nominations.

Beyond the glitz, the Soul Train Awards was a stage for authenticity and resilience in the ever-evolving music landscape.

SZA’s star-studded night, Usher’s smooth moves, and T-Pain’s wisdom? They weren’t just music; they were a soulful symphony celebrating the spirit of music and individuality.

That night? It wasn’t just a musical journey; it was a dance under the stars, a melody of authenticity that echoed through the heartbeats of the music industry!

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