Marcus King Discusses Working with Rick Rubin on the “Mood Swings” Album 

Marcus King, a singer-guitarist, is getting ready to release “Mood Swings,” his newest audio exploration that promises to reveal the inner workings of his psyche and demonstrate his growth as a musician.

King tackles personal traumas and explores new sounds with renowned producer Rick Rubin, creating an album that is as musically rich as it is honest and unvarnished.

King revealed details of his work with Rubin in an exclusive interview with Variety, explaining how the relationship prompted a thorough examination of his psychological scars as well as his artistic depths.

“When Rick first reached out to me after seeing my Grand Ole Opry debut, I was beside myself with disbelief,” King says. “Collaborating with him was an absolute pleasure, and we clicked right away. He inspired me to look into my soul more deeply and face my inner demons head-on.”

What was the outcome? With songs like “Bipolar Love” and “Save Me” covering themes of anxiety, despair, and self-discovery, King’s next album “Mood Swings,” which is scheduled to be released on April 5, gives listeners an open window into his mind.

Marcus King and Rick Rubin
Marcus King and Rick Rubin

It’s not all serious reflection, though. King’s extraordinary vocals lead the way as his trademark mix of rock, Americana, and soul is evident. You’re on the right road if you picture Al Green picking up a guitar and taking on the challenges of contemporary living.

Even though King was once labeled as a “bluesman” or a “Southern rocker,” “Mood Swings” shows him embracing his identity as an American artist and escaping those limitations.

“Musically, I think it resists some of those stereotypes that have been put on me before,” King says. “I’ve always just liked to say that I’m an American musician, and now I’m an American artist.”

Beyond the music, though, is a very personal journey for King, one that reflects his own struggles with substance misuse and mental health. He tells it straight- meeting his now-wife was a major factor in his recovery.

King had the guts to face his history head-on with Rubin’s help, and the result is an album that is both compelling and therapeutic.

And King is eager to share his trip with the globe as he prepares for a lengthy tour that includes concerts with Chris Stapleton.

King says, “Music has always been my therapy, my salvation.” “And with ‘Mood Swings,’ I hope to offer a glimmer of hope to anyone struggling with their own demons.”

Mark April 5th on your calendars, because Marcus King is going to take you on an experience that will not be found anywhere. Prepare yourself for mood swings.

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