Harry Styles’ Almost Grool Role- The Mean Girls Cameo That Could Have Been

In a strange turn of events that would have given the beloved adolescent comedy Mean Girls a dash of “Golden” glitz, filmmakers Arturo Perez Jr. and Samantha Jayne bared their first casting preferences. What was the surprise? They saw Harry Styles, the pop phenomenon, playing the equally legendary part of Glen Coco rather than the gorgeous Aaron Samuels.

In the first Mean Girls, a character named Glen Coco—based on Tina Fey’s real-life acquaintance—had a fleeting but memorable experience when he was given four candy cane grams.

The moment was immortalized when Damian said, “You go, Glen Coco!” But Styles was not destined to receive a ton of peppermint candies.

“I remember us going, could we ask, like Harry Styles?” Perez said, recalling the brainstorming session. The two discussed shattering the fourth wall and integrating the audience into the famous candy cane scene by making everyone into Glen Coco.

From Fashion to a Shared Experience at Glen Coco

Despite the attraction of seeing Styles as Glen Coco, the filmmakers ultimately chose to reverse the roles and engage the viewer directly. Jayne said, “So, after 20 years, we can all feel like Glen Coco.”

The viewer gets to see the playfulness as the candy canes are jokingly thrown straight into the camera, rather than Styles indulging in the confections.

Harry Styles

Ultimately, the choice gave the Mean Girls legacy a distinctive touch by enabling fans to participate in the legendary moment.

David Reale, who played the original Glen Coco, was an uncredited extra whose face was not even visible during the iconic 2004 scene.

Styles’s Unforgettable Candy Cane Episode and Additional Mean Girls Disclosures

Even if Styles’ chance to contribute to the Glen Coco heritage was lost, Mean Girls never fails to charm viewers with its realistic high school drama and humor.

Reneé Rapp, Christopher Briney, a Gen Z phenomenon, and an unexpected cameo from a former Mean Girls cast member headline the new movie.

Styles may have lost out on a candy-coated appearance, but the Mean Girls world is given a delightful twist by the directors’ reveal.

The spirit of the famous sugar cane scenario endures and resonates with fans of all ages, whether of whether they picture Styles as Glen Coco or are having a group Glen Coco moment.

Styles’ ambition of playing Glen Coco is still a fantastical what-if in the universe of Mean Girls, where candy canes are legendary and Glen Coco is a candy cane. This gives the adolescent comedy classic a hint of “Golden” charm.

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