Golden Globes 2024: Jo Koy’s ‘Hilarious’ Hosting and ‘Subtle’ Sexism Jokes – Are We Still Joking About Women Like It’s the 1950s?

Ah, the Golden Globes, that illustrious event where artistic achievements are celebrated, and apparently, where hosts can shine a light on their comedic prowess by taking shots at the accomplishments of women.

In a stunning turn of events, comedian Jo Koy graced the stage, delivering a masterclass in humor that left viewers rolling on the floor – not with laughter, but with disbelief.

Let’s dissect this prime example of wit, paired with Deidre Hall’s subtle commentary on the lingering sexism in the entertainment industry.

Jo Koy, a name you might not have known before, but after his Golden Globes debut, you’ll never forget.

His opening monologue, a true ode to tact and refinement, included delightful jabs at Taylor Swift, because who wouldn’t want to take a swing at one of the most successful musicians of our time? The comedian, in his infinite wisdom, also targeted Barbie, because, you know, making jokes about plastic dolls with big boobies is the epitome of highbrow comedy.

But fear not, it wasn’t just the A-list stars in the room who were treated to this comedic gold. Viewers at home were also bestowed with Koy’s unparalleled wit, labeled by The Independent as “painful.”

Buzzfeed even went the extra mile, calling the monologue a “tribute to Oppenheimer because it was ‘a bomb.'” Ah, the clever wordplay – who wouldn’t want more of that?

In a move that was clearly a strategic play to win hearts and minds, Koy graciously informed the audience that he had taken on the role just ten days before the event. Because nothing says preparedness like admitting you didn’t have time to craft a decent set.

Golden Globes 2024
Jo Koy and Taylor Swift

The jokes he did manage to conjure up were, of course, “ones that the crow were laughing to.” Clearly, the crow community has a refined taste in comedy that the rest of us are yet to grasp.

Cue the viewers at home, branding Jo Koy as the “awful” and “lowlight of the night.” Some went as far as to suggest he should never be invited back – a sentiment that surely warms the heart of any aspiring comedian.

The sage advice from one viewer on X, formerly known as Twitter, sums it up beautifully: “Never invite Jo Koy to one of these again, please. So, so awful.” Simple, yet profound.

Now, let’s not forget Deidre Hall, the esteemed actress whose subtle critique of Koy’s performance added a touch of sophistication to the proceedings.

Hall’s declaration that Koy is a “complete embarrassment to himself and the Academy” is a masterclass in nuanced commentary.

It’s almost as if she was gently reminding us that even in the year 2024, sexism in the entertainment industry is alive and well, and we should be grateful for comedians like Koy who keep it thriving.

In a world where humor is evolving, where inclusivity and respect are at the forefront, the Golden Globes and Jo Koy have offered us a delightful throwback to the good old days. Because who doesn’t miss the days when women were fair game for derogatory jokes, and hosts were celebrated for their unfiltered brilliance?

So, here’s to Jo Koy, the unsung hero of the Golden Globes, and to Deidre Hall, the vigilant guardian of subtle sexism commentary. May their influence continue to shape the future of entertainment, one cringe-worthy joke at a time. Cheers to progress!

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