Freddie Gibbs Ex Benny the Butcher Photo Sparks Twitter Storm

Freddie Gibbs, an Indiana rapper, became the center of a social media frenzy after his ex-girlfriend Destini Fox shared a selfie of herself with Buffalo musician Benny the Butcher.

The shot, which shows Benny leaning on Fox’s neck while she makes a peace sign, sparked speculation and stoked internet debate.

Gibbs and Benny the Butcher had a long-standing feud, and the photo with Gibbs’ ex adds another depth to their dynamic. 

Fox stated that the photo did not indicate a romantic relationship with Benny, stating that he is married. She said it was only a snapshot and denied any romantic involvement, addressing misleading narratives floating online.

The event provides a new twist to the ongoing story of Gibbs and Benny the Butcher’s relationship, tying personal issues into the backdrop of their public personas in the music business. 

The feud between Freddie Gibbs and Benny the Butcher took an unexpected turn when Gibbs’s followers went for his ex-girlfriend, Destini Fox, on social media.

Fans questioned her commitment and brought up a previous incident from 2022 in which Gibbs was supposedly jumped in Buffalo by a group affiliated with Benny. Notably, Fox was there throughout the altercation with Gibbs.

Fox previously shared her experience with the Buffalo event on social media in May, noting the significant impact it had on her mental health. 

She described the aftermath, including the emotional toll, nightmares, and the necessity for an anxiety medicine prescription.

The reappearance of these revelations on social media adds another degree of complication to the ongoing public drama involving Gibbs, Benny the Butcher, and, now, Gibbs’ ex-partner.

Freddie Gibbs and Benny the Butcher
Freddie Gibbs and Benny the Butcher

The narrative’s mixing of personal and public components has prompted tremendous participation and conversation among fans. 

Selfie with Benny the Butcher Amid Freddie Gibbs Feud

The conflict erupted on Twitter after friends of Freddie Gibbs chastised Destini Fox for uploading a selfie with Benny the Butcher, the same person accused of jumping Gibbs in Buffalo.

Fans questioned Fox’s allegiance, worried that she would connect with someone who had previously presented a danger to her and Gibbs.

In response, Fox justified her conduct, emphasizing that Benny never physically attempted to hurt her during the Buffalo incident. 

She also used the occasion to attack Gibbs for claiming betrayal of their kid, accusing him of using her as a shield during the fight.

Fox added perspective, claiming that Gibbs had brought her to Buffalo without providing appropriate information and that the story was more complicated than fans may believe.

This public conversation on social media adds to the complicated web of personal and public factors in the continuing tale involving Freddie Gibbs, Benny the Butcher, and now Destini Fox, Gibbs’ ex-partner.

Freddie Gibbs and Benny the Butcher’s relationship

Gibbs Responds to Ex-Drama

Freddie Gibbs has responded to allegations made by his ex-girlfriend, Destini Fox, that he ghosted her after she became pregnant.

In reaction to the charges and the subsequent social media controversy, Gibbs resorted to Twitter to voice his thoughts. He just said five words in a quick tweet, probably hinting at the complexities of the matter. 

The tweet is Gibbs’ succinct reaction to the multiple charges, which include financial allegations such as Fox supposedly paying for his phone.

This public interaction offers insight into Gibbs’ issues and disagreements with his ex-partner, contributing to the continuing storyline around the rapper’s personal life. 

His succinct response, “I ain’t got no phone,” received a lot of attention on Twitter, garnering 1 million views. Fans offered jokes and banter to the scenario, giving a layer of levity to the situation.

On the same day, Destini, aka The Fit Mami, turned to Twitter to explain the nature of her connection with Freddie Gibbs.

As facts of their dynamics become more apparent, the public debate between the two continues to develop on social media, capturing the interest of fans and followers. 

They started dating in 2020, according to Fox, and their early days were defined by a supposedly supportive relationship.

Despite initial conversations about planning a family, she claims Gibbs began neglecting her once she fell pregnant earlier this year.

Fox described a crucial turning point as being attacked in Buffalo during Gibbs’ US tour, which caused her to have fear and nightmares. With charges surrounding Gibbs’ behavior, the crisis erupted on social media, sparking the trending hashtag “Spreading Gibbs.”

In answer, Gibbs made a quick remark, “The yams.” This event adds to Gibbs’ history of relationship turbulence, which includes previous squabbles with ex-partner Raven Tatum.

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