Ex-girlfriend of Matthew Perry Suspects Matthew Perry’s Potential Relapse During His Passing

Kayti Edwards remarked, “I know Matthew, and I know that he would not have just drowned.”

Kayti Edwards, Matthew Perry’s ex-girlfriend, has conjectured that the actor might have relapsed at the time of his passing. In an interview with the UK Sun, Edwards stated, “I know Matthew, and I know that he would not have just drowned.” “I believe that during the week before this, he may have taken pills.”

According to Edwards, Perry and she met at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in 2006 and went on a brief courtship. They stayed close even after their brief affair ended, according to Edwards. In 2011, she was employed as his assistant.

On Saturday, October 28, Perry reportedly drowned and passed away. It was shortly after 4 p.m. when his body was found in the hot tub of his Pacific Palisades home. In this post, we will discuss what his ex said.

No evidence of meth or fentanyl in the toxicology reports

Authorities reportedly did not discover any illegal drugs on Perry’s residence’s property. Only a small number of prescription medications were found. 

Edwards claimed that because of his paranoia, “he would take them all, so there was no evidence, and then go out for more when he was ready to.”

Matthew Perry
Matthew Perry

Edwards added that she believed Perry may have hinted at a potential relapse in his most recent Instagram post. Five days prior to his demise, the post was shared.

The picture showed him relaxing in the jacuzzi, and it said, “Oh, so you feel good when warm water swirls around? I’m Mattman.”

Perry’s use of the name “Mattman,” according to Edwards, was a hint that he was abusing drugs once more. When Matthew was not sober, he would come out and feel almost unstoppable, according to Edwards.

Perry, according to Edwards, would frequently be in the water following drug or alcohol use. In addition, she claimed that the Friends star had once been discovered “naked and high in his [neighbor’s] swimming pool” by a former neighbor.

Reports state that Perry’s cause of death is still “deferred.” 

When and how did Matthew die?

Kayti Edwards, Matthew Perry’s ex, is speaking out in the wake of the tragic death of the “Friends” star.

Perry reportedly dated Edwards in 2006; Edwards was a former model and Julie Andrews’ step-granddaughter.

In a recent interview, she claimed that the final photo Perry shared on Instagram, which shows him relaxing in his hot tub, could be a sign that he was “not sober” at the time of his passing.

On October 28, Perry was discovered dead at his Los Angeles home after appearing to have drowned. 54 was his age.

His assistant, according to TMZ, discovered the actor submerged in the hot tub.

He proved unresponsive before the first responders could arrive on the scene.

No drugs were found at the residence aside from some prescription medications.

Even though no foul play is suspected, a definitive cause of death is still listed as “deferred.”

Toxicology was among the additional tests that the coroner ordered.

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