Cher’s Son’s Wife Claims Icon is ‘Categorically Unfit’ for Conservatorship

A fresh chapter has been added to the court drama involving Cher’s effort to take on the role of conservator for her son Elijah Allman.

According to court filings made by Elijah’s wife, Marieangela King, the famous singer is “manic depressive” and “categorically unfit” to be a conservator.

The crux of the disagreement is whether Cher’s influence over Elijah’s financial choices could endanger his continued efforts to overcome his drug addiction.

Allegations of Cher’s Unfitness for Conservatorship

According to court documents obtained by Page Six, King alleges that Cher is not capable of managing her affairs, let alone those of her son.

King asserts that Cher’s lack of basic life skills, such as not knowing the security code of her own home, not driving, and not handling daily tasks like preparing meals or dressing herself, raises questions about her ability to oversee Elijah’s well-being.

Assistant’s Takeover and Trigger Concerns

King goes on to claim that Cher’s assistant, Jennifer Ruiz, has taken over both the private and public aspects of Cher’s life. She expresses concerns that if Cher becomes Elijah’s conservator, Ruiz might exert similar control, potentially exposing Elijah to triggering situations.

Cher and Elijah Allman
Cher and Elijah Allman

The court documents suggest a lack of confidence in Cher’s ability to prioritize Elijah’s best interests.

Elijah Allman’s Defense

In response to the conservatorship petition, Elijah Allman, 47, has voiced his objection, stating that he has been successfully managing his finances. He points out that he has rented a home with his wife, Marieangela King, and remains sober.

Elijah emphasizes his financial responsibility by using a manager to handle payments from the trust left by his late father, Gregg Allman.

He asserts that he voluntarily submitted to drug testing three times in January, all of which returned negative results, proving his commitment to sobriety since October 10, 2023.

Cher’s Earlier Conservatorship Filing and Elijah’s Temporary Denial

Cher initially filed for conservatorship in December, citing concerns for Elijah’s well-being. However, just weeks later, she claimed Elijah was missing. In early

January, Elijah appeared at his hearing, and the judge temporarily denied Cher’s petition, pending further investigation.

The Path Forward

With another hearing set for January 29, the legal battle over Elijah Allman’s conservatorship continues. Cher, a music legend at 77, faces challenges to her role as a conservator, with Elijah and his wife making a strong case against her suitability.

As the court proceedings unfold, the focus remains on determining the best course of action for Elijah’s welfare, considering both his recovery and Cher’s ability to fulfill the responsibilities of a conservator.

In conclusion, the ongoing legal drama sheds light on the complexities of family dynamics, substance abuse recovery, and the intricacies of conservatorship proceedings, even for public figures like Cher and her son Elijah Allman.

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