Bryce Dallas Howard Is Leading the Neon Revolution on the Red Carpet

In a week that’s only just begun, Bryce Dallas Howard is making headlines not just for her upcoming spy action-comedy film, “Argylle,” but also for her dazzling fashion choices that scream, “Move over, Monday blues, it’s time for some neon green hues!”

The 42-year-old actress kicked off the week in style, gracing the streets of New York City in a show-stopping neon green floor-length dress on Monday, January 29.

The dress, with its ruching down the center, long sleeves, and bold shoulder, was more than just a garment—it was a statement.

Howard paired the eye-catching ensemble with Bottega-green sandals and droplet pearl earrings, creating a look that underscored her signature red hair pulled back in a half updo with soft curtain bangs.

It seems that neon green is having its moment in the limelight, or shall we say, the reptilian shade is slithering its way onto the red carpet.

Not too long ago, Taylor Swift shimmered in a striking sequined gown of the same vibrant green at the Golden Globes, undoubtedly nodding to her iconic Reputation era. And if you thought Howard was the lone ranger in the neon green trend, think again.

Enter Jessica Chastain, Howard’s internet doppelgänger, who also donned a neon green gown for her Emmys appearance earlier this month. Neon green is the color du jour, and Howard owns it with panache.

But Howard didn’t stop at just one show-stopping look; she followed up her neon escapade with not one, but two more vibrantly colorful ensembles.

The morning after, she graced the set of Good Morning America in a power suit that was head-to-toe tomato-red. If there’s one thing Bryce Dallas Howard wants you to know, it’s that she doesn’t do subtle.

She strutted her stuff with confidence, paired with her signature red hair and a wide smile, waving to fans as she entered and exited the GMA studios.

Bryce Dallas Howard
Bryce Dallas Howard

But the color extravaganza didn’t end there. Howard continued to sprinkle her magic with a soft purple and tomato-red striped sweater dress, casually paired with matching red heels.

It’s easy to say that Howard has started a vibrant revolution rather than just making a statement with her style. When you can fill your clothes with the brightness of a sunrise inspired by Howard, who says mornings have to be gloomy and boring?

The most attractive feature of Howard’s style is her ability to wear bold, rich colors with ease. She uses color like a true artist, whether it’s the vibrant tomato red or the eye-popping neon green. And who is to blame for her? The actress, who started dressing herself for public appearances in 2015, is talented at choosing colors that go well with her vibrant personality.

We salute Howard for her daring sense of style, but we can’t help but wonder what other colors she’ll be displaying on the red carpet in the coming months.

Maybe a bold cobalt blue or bright orange at sunset? Whatever it is, one thing is sure: Bryan Dallas Howard isn’t scared to steal the show and look good in the spotlight, both on-screen and on the red carpet.

Let’s celebrate Bryce Dallas Howard, the neon trailblazer who shows that fashion needs to be just as bold, brave, and open as the characters she represents.

We can’t wait for her to open up new chapters in her vibrant career in the fashion industry as she continues to light up the red carpet.

Neon green might be having its moment, but Bryce Dallas Howard is undoubtedly having her fashion renaissance. Cheers to more cheerful color play and style brilliance from the radiant Bryce Dallas Howard!

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