Arnold Schwarzenegger Faces Customs Hurdles at Munich Airport – A Watch, Customs Chaos, and Credit Card

In a surprising turn of events, the renowned Arnold Schwarzenegger was held for three hours at the Munich airport due to an expensive watch he was carrying.

The legendary Hollywood actor, best known for his appearances in box office hits and as a former governor of California, had come to Germany for a charitable auction.

Customs Chaos- The Incompetent Shakedown

Schwarzenegger’s intentions took an unexpected turn when he arrived. Because of the costly watch—which was supposed to be the centerpiece of the charity auction—customs officers arrested him.

He was surprisingly never provided with the standard form to declare valuables, which resulted in a number of hiccups and delays.

According to sources, Schwarzenegger’s entourage called the actions of the customs officers a “incompetent shakedown.”

Even though it was a humorous situation, the celebrity complied at every point, making the detention seem like something out of a Hollywood police film.

The Laughable Obstacles- ATM Limits and Credit Card Machines

Schwarzenegger consented to prepay any possible taxes on the watch in order to settle the dispute. But carrying out this idea turned out to be a difficult undertaking.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

It took customs officials an hour to figure out how to use a credit card machine, so they ended up taking the actor to a bank.

The chosen ATM had a very low limit, and the bank was closed, so the farce persisted. After some time, a new officer showed up with a working credit card machine, which allowed Schwarzenegger to finally pay and go out of the airport.

A Schwarzenegger spokesman reassured the public that “all is well” despite the trauma and expressed hope for a successful charity event.

Ironically, the incident emphasizes the bureaucratic obstacles that even famous people must overcome to go through customs processes.

It’s impossible to resist but wonder if taxes on Schwarzenegger’s suits and other items he carries will be waived the next time, as he gets ready for the Dinner & Auction for Environmental Protection.

The performance must go on, even though Arnold Schwarzenegger’s arrest at the Munich airport was an unanticipated comedy of errors.

We can only hope that the auction items—including the now-famous watch—will be accurately reported as the celebrity gets ready for the charitable function benefiting the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative.

After all, in the world of Arnold, even the process of clearing customs may become a story fit for a motion picture.

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