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Fact-Check: No, Zendaya And Tom Holland Did Not Break Up

Recently, rumors about a potential breakup between Hollywood stars Zendaya and Tom Holland have been swirling across the Internet. However, let’s separate fact from fiction before hearts break and social media mourns.

Despite the grapevine’s melodrama, our fact-check reveals that love is still in the air for this dynamic couple. To learn the truth about Zendaya and Tom Holland’s relationship status, let’s analyze the breakup rumors and navigate the maze of speculation.

The Claim

Zendaya secretly broke up with her boyfriend Tom Holland.

Zendaya And Tom Holland

The Ruling


The claim that Zendaya broke up with Tom Holland is false, as indicated by multiple reputable and reliable sources.


As per the reports, Zendaya and Tom Holland have known each other since 2016 after they were cast in the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming.

The couple have been co-stars and close friends ever since both on and off screen. Both Zendaya and Tom Holland have officially confirmed their relationship in July 2021.


Official Confirmation: Tom Holland officially addressed the breakup rumors and confirmed that the couple did not break up. Both Zendaya and Tom Holland are still together.

Media Outlets: Multiple reputable and reliable media outlets such as Entertainment Tonight, Elle and Vogue, have addressed their breakup rumors and confirmed that the couple did not break up.

Credibility: The rumor about a potential breakup between Zendaya and Tom Holland lacks credibility since merely unfollowing someone from Instagram cannot suggest a breakup. 


Recently, social media has been abuzz with multiple rumors about the relationship status of Hollywood stars Zendaya and Tom Holland.

Zendaya And Tom Holland Break Up
Zendaya and Tom Holland

The rumors claim that Zendaya broke up with Tom Holland after sources found out that she secretly unfollowed everyone on her Instagram profile. 

How did the rumors spread?

Recently, our sources found out that Zendaya secretly unfollowed everyone she used to follow earlier on her Instagram profile. She unfollowed every other account including Tom Holland and there is no one in her following list.

Fans and media outlets have been speculating about a potential breakup since then. On the other hand, Tom Holland still follows her.

Zendaya Instagram

Tom Holland shut down the rumors

Tom Holland was spotted while he was out for a walk with a friend on Friday. The pap asked him if he and Zendaya were broken up. However, the Spider-Man star immediately shut down the rumors by completely denying the claims. 

Public Sightings

They were also spotted together over the holidays, attending the musical, “The Little Big Things” before Christmas in London’s West End. A picture of them posing with the star Malnda Parris went viral on social media in which she called them, “The Sweetest.”

Though the couple are privacy lovers and they hardly mention each other’s name in any interview or somewhere online, their romance is not hidden from the eyes of their fans. 

Tom Holland loves savoring shooting moments

After being asked, the actor shared that Zendaya and he enjoy watching Spider-Man 1, thinking back about their time at 19 while making those movies.

He expressed his love for those movies and the shared moments, adding that he restrains from frequent viewings to preserve their preciousness.

He emphasized the extravagance and gift it is to sit down and relive one’s childhood, clarifying that he tried not to watch them as often as he might want to.


The rumors encompassing Zendaya and Tom Holland’s separation have been debunked through credible sources, including official statements and media outlets.

Despite initial speculations triggered by social media activity, evidence points to the couple still being happily together.

Tom Holland’s public denial, recent sightings, and their shared appreciation for cherished memories reinforce the fact that their relationship remains strong.


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