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Fact Check: Al Pacino to pay $30k per month to his Girlfriend for Child Support

In the domain of celebrity gossip and sensational headlines, one recent story has left many jaws dropping. Al Pacino, the legendary actor, allegedly ordered to pay a staggering $30,000 each month in child support to his girlfriend.

However, before we plunge into the hurricane of rumors and claims, we should leave on an excursion of facts, revealing the reality behind this eye-popping headline.

The Claim

Al Pacino will pay $30k per month to his girlfriend for Child Support.

The Ruling


The claim that Al Pacino will pay $30k per month to his girlfriend for child support is True, as indicated by various official media outlets. 


Official Documents: The court documents obtained by an insider show that Al Pacino agreed to pay $30k for child support to his girlfriend monthly. 

Reliable Media Outlets: Several reliable media outlets have confirmed the news that al Pacino will pay $30k to Noor Alfallah, his girlfriend for the support of their child. 

Social Media: Social Media is flooded with the news of Roman’s custody being given to Alfallah and Pacino is given visitation rights. Additionally, he has agreed to pay $30k per month for child support.

Al Pacino


In a significant development that unfurled in November 2023, prominent actor Al Pacino and his girlfriend, Noor Alfallah, came to a mutually agreed custody arrangement concerning their child, Roman.

As per exclusive court documents obtained by Insider, Pacino enthusiastically agreed to provide a significant $30,000 per month in child support to Alfallah. 

The assurance of this amount considered both Pacino’s income and the specific financial requirements associated with the upbringing and health of their child, Roman.

This agreement reveals insight into a fascinating aspect of Pacino’s personal life and financial responsibilities, provoking an investigation of the details surrounding this decision.

The child’s primary physical Custody to Alfallah

Furthermore, the decision from the court illustrated the financial aspects as well as digging into the child’s living arrangements.

According to the court’s decision, Noor Alfallah was granted primary physical custody of their child, Roman. In this arrangement, Alfallah is granted primary physical custody along with reasonable rights of visitation to Roman.

Moreover, the court’s decision regulated that both the parents, Al Pacino and 

Noor Alfallah, would share legal custody of their son Roman. This implies that they will mutually make important decisions regarding their son’s upbringing, like education, health care, and other significant aspects of his life.

This shared legal custody arrangement reflects the court’s belief in the importance of both parents having something to do with the upbringing and prosperity of their kid, despite the physical custody arrangement.

The Amount is based on California’s guidelines for Child Support

The required amount that Pacino consented to pay is based on the state rules for child support in California. California law requires parents to pay child support based on their income and the necessities of the child.

Pacino is a high-income earner, and he has a young child. Therefore, it is not surprising to be expected that he consented to pay a high amount of child support.


The claim that Al Pacino will pay $30,000 per month to his girlfriend for child support is TRUE, as indicated by official court documents and various reputable media outlets.

This turn of events, which grants primary physical custody to Noor Alfallah while allowing shared legal custody, offers insight into the complexities of celebrity child support arrangements and California’s guidelines for such cases.

The high amount can be credited to Pacino’s substantial income and the genuine needs of their child, Roman. This case serves as a significant illustration of the convergence between celebrity life, legal responsibilities, and financial obligations.


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